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The new Diesel docu-series tells the story of denim

From raw material cultivation to customer distribution

The new Diesel docu-series tells the story of denim From raw material cultivation to customer distribution

Diesel presents Behind the Denim, a mini docu-series divided into five episodes dedicated to Diesel's commitment to creating denim with reduced impact. Denim has been the cornerstone of Diesel's DNA since 1978 when the brand was launched as an alternative to traditional denim and luxury, and more broadly as an innovative lifestyle. Over four decades later, Diesel remains true to its values of non-conformity and freedom of expression. The key to the brand's radical philosophy is the constant desire to challenge and surpass the status quo. Since launching its For Responsible Living strategy, Diesel's denim program has been completely revamped to adopt less impactful practices throughout the production chain, from fabric selection to treatments, to seeking alternative solutions that encompass the entire lifecycle of the garment. The amount of denim Diesel produces using organic, recycled, or regenerative cotton has grown from 3% to over 50% in the last three years. Hosted by Lea Ogunlami of I-D, Behind the Denim takes viewers behind the scenes of Diesel to narrate the denim production, historically one of the most environmentally impactful processes in the fashion industry. Each of the five episodes of the series is dedicated to a pillar of Diesel's denim production — All Aboard, Lifetime jeans, Clean Dirty, Sow the Seed, and Waste to Treasure.

In the first episode, the special envoy begins her journey by interviewing creative director Glenn Martens, Andrea Rosso – Diesel Sustainability Ambassador - and Sara Betteghella, Group Chief Sustainability Officer of OTB. Lea Ogunlami asks incisive questions while maintaining her spontaneous and witty attitude: «Is sustainability sexy? What does a sustainability ambassador do? Does anyone really know what 'circularity' means?». Along the way, Lea Ogunlami will speak with some customers while they shop at the Diesel flagship store in San Babila, Milan. She will visit one of the industrial denim laundries working with the brand to document how Diesel's classic DNA washes are executed with innovative techniques aimed at reducing water and chemical use. She will visit a regenerative cotton farm in Spain and, finally, conclude the journey at Tejidos Royo, a fabric sustainability specialist, to see how Diesel's Rehab Denim is made with recycled materials and Diesel denim scraps. Conceived as a lively and informative exploration of denim production, Behind the Denim is produced in collaboration with Create Sustain and directed by Luke Casey. Inspired by the light, spontaneous, and fresh feeling of early 2000s TV series, Behind the Denim sheds light on a topic that concerns most people - the average person owns six pairs of jeans – with candor, wit, and an unfiltered approach. The series will premiere on Diesel's social channels and e-commerce.