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Young Signorino drops new video

The visual for 'Vestito Nudo' is here

Young Signorino drops new video The visual for 'Vestito Nudo' is here

 The new video from Young Signorino starts with a warning: 

With that it begins, the most talked about rapper in Italian music at the moment releases the video for his latest track: Vestito Nudo produced this time by Low Kidd. Directed once again by Fabio Abecassis and Federico Del Bianco, who also directed his stand out “hit” La Danza Dell’Ambulanza, the aesthetic this time has shifted to a more raw expression then Ambulanza. The video, shot very cleanly in high-definition, seemingly without much post-production, gives an almost hand-held phone look.

Set in an abandoned water park, it could easily have been the set of A-COLD-WALL*'s fashion show and recants memories of the first Berlin Boiler Room events, that were also held in an out-of-use pool building. The water park that represented the glossiness of the 1980’s economic boom, here, where it stands in ruins, becomes the dystopian stage of doom for Young Signorino.

Fashion-wise this time Young Signorino plays with a world of contracts, in La Danza Dell’Ambulanza we saw him dressed in designer threads, mainly Prada, where this time the selection is much more stark, often only half dressed, he starts on an exercise bike in his underwear with a see-through surf wear shirt. On his mainstage in the decrepit gym, he stands shirtless in what looks like a cross between long johns and scuba pants, adorned with what we must say is a rather unique crab claw silver chain. While the shot cuts to scenes of discarded designers shoes and shirts laying in the street, like a snake that has shed its skin. 

In the second half of the video, the roles become reversed, wearing oversized surf wear shirts on top and only in his underwear he also has a tummy cut white evening shirt to emphasize the juxtapositions of his style even more.

The production on Vestito Nudo, like its video, is also rawer, the big sound production of Big fish on Ambulanza is replaced by the grittier, more distorted, sound production of Low Kidd. Playing with the whole hip-hop genre, forbidden moves like introducing passages of 4/4 kicks drum are as casually made as Young Signorino's general, I don't give a f*#k attitude. Love it or hate it, you simply can't ignore how he's flipping the Italian rap scene on its head. 

What remains is only the question it all began with, Italy are you ready for the new video by Young Signorino? 

Click play below to watch: