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Young Signorino x Big Fish: here is the video for "La Danza dell'Ambulanza"

Love or hate?

Young Signorino x Big Fish: here is the video for La Danza dell'Ambulanza Love or hate?

In recent weeks there is a name on everyone's lips: Young Signorino

The trapper from Cesena who calls himself "son of Satan", has distinguished himself through the many admirers and haters of his song Mmh ha ha ha, is now back with a new single in collaboration with Big Fish.

The young phenomenon and the historical producer of Italian rap have made La Danza dell'Ambulanza, with a verse and hook grafted from a sampling of Nightmare Before Christmas with an added beefed up electronic beat to make you dance.

The text, provocative as always, describes very well what the kids do before and during their club nights.

In the video, directed by Fabio Abecassis & Federico Del Bianco, Young Signorino is the main protagonist, in extremely refined garments styled by Valeria Semushina like Prada and Martin Margiela, all amidst blinding, strobe lights and some rather uniquely thrown dance shapes.

Check out the new video below, and lets us know your thoughts?

Here are also the first dates of the trapper tour announced:

25.05.18 Young Signorino @ Monk, Rome

30.05.18 Young Signorino @ Je T'Aime Summer Student Festival, Padova

13.05.18 Young Signorino @ HELLinPARTY c / o ZAP, Florence