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The holistic mission of the Materia project

Inclusiveness, sustainability, dynamism and balance

The holistic mission of the Materia project Inclusiveness, sustainability, dynamism and balance

MATERIA is a project that explores sustainable fashion unabashedly. The brand is built on five core concepts: avant-garde, inclusivity, individual expression, aesthetics, and function, converging in revolutionary designs. By deconstructing all preconceptions that have shaped common perceptions of sustainable fashion over the years, MATERIA starts from the belief that every piece can indeed create societal change, striving to create harmony and empowerment. The brand's authentic philosophy is reflected in designs that are technological research pieces challenging the status quo and fighting against discrimination in all forms. MATERIA collections challenge notions of accessibility and equality to redefine the rules of functional tech-wear.

Starting from the city of Matera, the brand intertwines the artistic and cultural heritage of its birthplace with the innovative momentum of its designs, a combination that infuses even the most utilitarian pieces with artistry. As the brand's mission statement declares, «MATERIA is an ode to audacity and authenticity, a hymn to art as a form of liberation, an engineered harmony of kineto-spatial synergies.» Since its inception, the brand has been noted for its ingenuity, collaborating with internationally renowned companies such as Woolmark, Manteco, Majotech, and HP on projects that confirm MATERIA's commitment to research and development of sustainable and accessible solutions in every design field, from fashion to documentaries, from interior design to objets d'art. What makes MATERIA unique is its adaptive approach to fashion design. Every detail, from zippers to fit, from flexibility to material comfort, is designed to meet every physical need. A dedication to the infinite possibilities of art and fashion, MATERIA is born to offer greater representation and inclusion, evolving with a deep conviction that elegance and respect must go hand in hand.

Beyond a strong commitment to ethical fashion, MATERIA promotes the use and exploration of new production methods. The brand utilizes regenerative merino wool and studies the potential of the most durable materials and fabrics to reduce its environmental impact and propose not only functional and aesthetically modern garments, but also long-lasting ones. It values innovation even in knitwear, using thermowelding techniques to minimize waste and allow the garment to adapt to the wearer's body, and gives equal attention to dyeing and printing processes, prioritizing eco-friendly practices such as 3D printing. In a historical context populated by a strong need to find concrete solutions to problems like inaccessibility and the high environmental impact of fashion, MATERIA's fundamental values focus on the answers fashion needs.