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Young Signorino returns with a twisted tale in 3 parts

Accompanied by 3 new tracks, sort of...

Young Signorino returns with a twisted tale in 3 parts Accompanied by 3 new tracks, sort of...

He is back, the one and only Young Signorino. Amazingly weird and intriguing as always this time it gets even stranger. This is a twisted tale of an update in 3 parts, so let us start at the beginning.


Part I

A week ago he released a new single ‘Coma Lover’, presenting himself for the first time as a bit more human than his typical diabolical character, speaking about depression, the song had a clear emo/indie touch compared to his usual, and unique, take on trap. Reaching about half a million views, the official video was then mysteriously deleted (it has now reappeared), no one really knowing by who or why. Signorino expressed his surprise via socials, promising that he would soon return.


In the aftermath Signorino suddenly found himself in for him perhaps rather strange company, Dua Lipa, one of the most famous pop stars in the world, shared in her IG stories, to her nearly 18 million followers, the video for 'Mmh ha ha ha' saying that she was "seriously in love" with the song . A move as unexpected from hers, as his fans, and is interesting in that his sound can generate such strong opinions and heated discussions, even outside of Italy. Where this will lead, only time will tell, and with that ends part one.


Part II

A few days ago, as promised, he returned, this time with the new track 'Taxi Punk' opening a new profile on SoundCloud to mark the occasion asking people to follow him. Taxi Punk has a warped carnival sounding underbelly, returning to the sound he is more known for with odd gurgles, croaks and noises, leaving listeners in the bewildered yet intrigued state that only he can and we also, in all honesty, want from him. 



Part III

The week's story doesn’t quite end there, when things really couldn’t get any weirder Young Signorino rose to the challenge by teasing a new Youtube video via his Instagram last night. The video entitled 'IN NOMINE PATRIS', which one wouldn’t really define as a song is an eerie backward recording over a minimal bass line of him walking the streets at night. As expected the true fans were quick to reverse the track to reveal the messages hidden within...


"depression obsession my mantra fashion” is repeated over and over, and in a youtuber's review, a break down is offered as follows. The title "in the name of the father" refers to God: "in the name of the father, of the son and of the holy spirit" and therefore to the concept of the Trinity. The Trinity is the 3 words chanted; obsession, depression, and fashion. His obsession with drugs, shown in Mmh ha ha ha, Dolce droga, and La Danza Dell'Ambulanza. His depression from Coma lover, and fashion which is a theme running through all of his videos. All things describing himself, the song is contradictory precisely to symbolize the contrast between God and his person, but we’ll leave you to judge whether you agree or not?

Check out all the new videos and tracks above, and stayed locked to nss for the next twisted turn in the tale of Young Signorino.