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The Italian TV have a problem with millennials

The absurdities of the Italian TV, generalist and devoid of ideas

The Italian TV have a problem with millennials  The absurdities of the Italian TV, generalist and devoid of ideas

In the Italian pseudo information television, a series of surreal situations are being created, and Sfera Ebbasta is only the last one involved. The rapper has decided to break the silence three months after the tragedy in the Corinaldo disco, making us feel the need to intervene on the subject, in particular on the role of television in the oral transmission of information.

As often happens, in recent months it has been thought that inviting judgment was the best choice to face problems, forgetting that this would only lead to an accumulation of information, which gradually became simpler and distorted the reality of the facts. The word democracy has created serious problems, easier to find than solutions. But it is annoying to realize that the culprit of all this short-circuit is the Italian generalist television, which is trivially making money on the views by facing problems that would deserve greater honesty.

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The senseless and unconscious attacks of cause had touched us closely last October, when the services against reselling began, described as a dangerous phenomenon because it involves mostly children, and based on dishonesty. In the services broadcast, the finger was focused on the attitude of that age group which then, due to disinterest or incapacity, does not defend itself. On that occasion the experts played a very important role, intervening in the first person and bringing the discussion back to a more equitable and coherent level.

The generational battle then moved towards music. First of all, it was Sfera, after the dj-set incident in the discotheque in the province of Ancona, in which 6 boys lost their lives. The rapper for a long time avoided talking about the story, although the media continued to speculate about him, until last week, when, through Instagram, he condemned the TV persecution campaign against him. A story explained in detail also by Tommaso Naccari on Noisey.

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In the following days, other services were presented at the Sanremo Festival with an alarmist tone, a fundamental requirement for attracting views. We are talking about the campaign conducted against Achille Lauro, guilty as in the case of Sfera, of inciting the use of drugs through subliminal messages. The services broadcast went close to the absurd and shouted at the conspiracy, among the words that are part of the 50-year-old indignant starter pack, convinced that the times of common sense have ended with his youth.

This drug story is a stretch and everything seems so obvious that it would not even be worth highlighting it. Besides, even Neffa, at the beginning of the '00s, sang of his "signorina" who always burns, or the 883 of a 50 special that put his wings under his feet, without having caused any scandal.

Just google "Striscia la Notizia", the voice of "to get the complete picture of what the program is and its strategies, among the suggested, the first will be: inconsistency, intrusiveness, and indecency. Qualities that best describe also the last service of Le Iene, which involved the Roma soccer player Zaniolo and his mother. An unpleasant and rude service that embarrassed an 18-year-old boy.

As in the case of Sfera we let the artists respond to the accusations, hoping that their word will echo more, involve and avoid that an approximate TV with no ideas, give its listeners a distorted picture of the world in which they live own children and grandchildren.

So thank you Sfera for the video, which despite not saying much, describes the absurdity of the story. Thanks also to the complaint lines of rappers who are not good with words, like that of Massimo Pericolo when he describes all the hypocrisy saying "Thinking that your child has never made a cane is like thinking that your mother has not ever made a blowjob ". And finally, Thanks also to Young Signorino, who just yesterday published a post in which he takes a stand against the generation of parents who accuse him. A few shiny lines, something we would not have expected from Young Signorino.

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With the spread of social networks also for information purposes, entertainment television, and in particular Striscia la Notizia and Le Iene, is experiencing a moment of identity crisis. Now relegated only to a kitsch show, which aims to gather the consent of a safe and mostly passive target. To put fuel on the fire we thought Striscia, which has long been living on a complaint and which, based on the complaint, has built success and national-popular credibility that has lasted for 30 years. The type of complaint that has been going on for some months now, however, is sterile, not supporting the art but the easy listening, of a generation over 40, the only one that still follows the program of Antonio Ricci.

Any transmission, brand or magazine produces specific content for its target audience, trying to meet the hottest topics of discussion. In this not too hidden game of convenience, Striscia has decided to take sides with its listeners, siding against an enemy, a foreigner: the millennial, from habits that are judiciously defined as immoral, illegal, wrong.

The most serious mistake that has been made is that of having shifted attention to entirely secondary themes, satisfying the need to find yourself a scapegoat. Our human society is suffering from continuous situations of rival rage, whose management is not simple, we manage to continually alternate ritualized clashes and reconciliations, verbal provocations. Clashes that reach a purification by finding a third culprit, in this case, the habits of the under 20. All very clear and effective, especially if it is an influential voice like that of TV.