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Here's everything we know about A$AP Rocky's new album

Cannot wait to listen to it?

 Here's everything we know about A$AP Rocky's new album Cannot wait to listen to it?

How will it be titled?

When it will be realized?

Will there be any interesting featuring?

How many tracks will it contain?

The questions and the hype around the new and third album of A$AP Rocky grows more and more.

As we wait to hear Flacko's work, let's recap everything we know so far about his upcoming production.


#1 It's still untitled

Rumors claim that the title of Flacko's new work is Testing, but there is no confirmation about it.


#2 It's definitely finished

Un post condiviso da PRETTY FLACKO (@asaprocky) in data:

Beginning February. A$AP Rocky attends an event in Berlin, goes on stage and announces that her new, long-awaited album is finally over.

"We have a new stuff." - he said proudly - "Many of you do not know it, but the only reason I came to Berlin was to finish my album that I just finished".


#3 You may have already heard some of the songs on the album

In January, Rocky posted a new song on his Twitter account, 5IVE $TAR$, which also made his debut on SoundCloud. Wok, Money Bags Freestyle and Above were also leaked.

However, it is not certain that they will be included in the next album.


#4 It will have new sounds

As you can guess from the 15 second teaser recently unveiled by the rapper, the new work will contain new sounds.

Sometime A$AP had said about the release of his third album:

"My new album really tests new sounds. People are afraid to test new sounds, so they follow what is current, because it's the easiest thing to do. I prefer to experiment and grow my crowd with me and reach new crowds. I'm not just rap, but actually I make music".


#5 There may be a series of members of A$AP Mob

A$AP Rocky recently announced via Instagram that the creative collective of A$AP Mob, is about to publish an AWGE, Vol. 2 DVD.

This could imply the participation of A$AP Ferg or other members of the collective on Rocky's new material.