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Among legends and reality: the Gaiola

What is the talisman which LIBERATO talks about in his last song?

Among legends and reality: the Gaiola  What is the talisman which LIBERATO talks about in his last song?

The entire history of Naples is made up of popular beliefs, so strong and rooted to involve the same city genesis, and that myth of Parthenope, that still sounds with the romantic name of the city, and that stands in a strategic point, in Sannazaro Square, making a connection between sea and city. It is in fact from the sea that a lot of Neapolitan legends come from; a sea that is a unique condition in the city charm.

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Only a few kilometers from the center of the city, there is a place that some days ago has been defined “the most beloved protected sea are of Italy” through an online challenge: The Gaiola. The Gaiola, or, in its full name, Parco Sommerso di Gaiola, is one of the best secrets of the city and its backdrop is something similar to every underground place of the city: full of memories from past cultures and entire civilities than contributed to creating the Naples legacy. 

Geographically,  Gaiola is sited in the most fascinating marine triangle of the city, that unify Marechiaro, Baia di Trentaremi and Gaiola itself, and it is the maximum expression of the Neapolitan pride connected to the sea. Around this beautiful place, in fact, there are many legends that talks about the infamous “Maledizione della Gaiola”. Shortly: every man that inhabited the former island has suffered some kind of misfortune.  

But, to be honest, nobody gives too much credit to these beliefs and every citizen continue to go to the Gaiola to enjoy of one of the best places in the world. To arrive there is a kind of panoramic tour, that pass through Posillipo, Palazzo Donn’Anna, and some of the best pictures of the Neapolitan Golfo. Thanks to its fame, the Gaiola is one of the most romantic places of the city, made of a brave romanticism, cheeky, scugnizzo. A Neapolitan romanticism

GAIOLA PORTAFORTUNA is the way in which LIBERATO choose to play with the popular belief and exorcise them.
Francesco Lettieri chooses the minorities that there are in Naples to tell the last part of his love story, settled in Naples. From Castel Volturno to the Gaiola.