Trentaremi Bay, in Posillipo, is one of the most evocative places of a city that of its suggestiveness has made an emblem. Just a dive away from the underwater park of Gaiola, a small miracle of nature that escaped the sea just to create a natural saltwater pool. 

Trentaremi is the porthole of the story told by Liberato in his second track, a comeback long awaited and dropped on May 9th and already a classic.
It is called Tu T'e Scurdat' ‘e me and it perfectly represents that Neapolitan imaginary sample Liberato has used us to. Starting from the popular neighborhood of Piazza Mercato, it explores Naples along its Lungomare and quoting some of its most historic neighborhoods (Forcella, Nisida, Marechiaro), Liberato's port represents Naples and its creative class. Dialect, English, uptempo sonority create something that has been defined in so many ways, like Neapolitan Shlohmo.

Liberato is the new Italian talent that represent the rebirth of Naples Tu T’e Scurdat’ ‘e me is his last track and a celebration of Naples' creative class  | Image 0

Everything is narrated according to the recognizable aesthetics of Francesco Lettieri, director of both Liberato’s first and second video, who’s able to tell his city with a dreamy but contemporary allure. An allure which we at nss magazine have been happy to collaborate at. 

The rebirth of Naples also goes through its music, its art, and its appreciation.
The rebirth of Naples goes also through Liberato.