"I was at Coachella

Leaning on your shoulder

Watching your husband swing in time

I guess I was in it

'Cause baby, for a minute

It was Woodstock in my mind

In the next morning

They put out the warning

Tensions were rising over country lines

I turned off the music

Tried to sit and use it

All of the love that I saw that night".

Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind is the new single by Lana Del Rey which, alongside Love and Lust For Life feat The Weeknd, will be part of her new album coming out this year - yet no precise date - Lust For Life.

Lana said she had written the track during Coachella claiming she was feeling conflicted over how she “spent the weekend dancing whilst watching tensions with North Korea mount”. An unexpected political turnaround for the American singer-songwriter, but that is the signal of a growing awareness of the large public about the wide spreading international tensions.

Lana, what will you surprise us with?