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The famous restaurant «Chez l'Ami Louis» bought by LVMH

After the Orient Express, the luxury giant takes on a heritage restaurant

The famous restaurant «Chez l'Ami Louis» bought by LVMH  After the Orient Express, the luxury giant takes on a heritage restaurant

Not content with dominating the luxury market, LVMH is diving headfirst into expanding its hospitality portfolio. Last week, it announced its partnership with the Accor group to accelerate the development of Orient Express, and now it has set its sights on an iconic address in the capital. In a city where bistros vie for the favor of discerning palates, the acquisition of "Chez l'Ami Louis" is an event that does not go unnoticed. Located at 32 rue du Vertbois, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, this century-old bistro is a true gastronomic institution. Known for its traditional cuisine and prestigious clientele, it now joins the LVMH Hospitality Excellence division.

Why this strategy? Simple: luxury is no longer limited to objects, it extends to experiences. And what could be more luxurious than a memorable dinner in a historic setting? By adding "Chez l'Ami Louis" to its portfolio, the group enriches its offer of unforgettable experiences and attracts clientele in search of authenticity and tradition. Already well-established in the worlds of fashion, wines and spirits, watches, and cosmetics, it has had its eyes set for several years on another playground: hospitality and luxury gastronomy. The LVMH Hospitality Excellence division, which oversees prestigious establishments such as Cheval Blanc hotels and the Belmond group of hotels and trains, is further strengthened with this acquisition. By acquiring it, they ensure not only to preserve its heritage but also to make it flourish under the banner of excellence.

Founded in 1924, this gem nestled in the heart of the 3rd arrondissement of Paris has remained virtually unchanged since its inception. Tablecloth-covered tables, cement tiles, lacquered wood panels, and chrome mirrors create a decor that seems frozen in time, transporting its visitors to the Paris of yesteryear. The cuisine, meanwhile, is a hymn to French tradition. Roast chicken, snails with parsley butter, duck confit, and foie gras from the Landes are among the standout dishes that have been delighting gourmets for decades. The gargantuan portions and high prices are signatures of this house that does not do things by halves. But what truly distinguishes "Chez l'Ami Louis" is its prestigious clientele. Former president Jacques Chirac dined there with the Clintons, Francis Ford Coppola flew the restaurant team to California for a dinner, and stars like Catherine Deneuve, David Beckham, and Mel Gibson have all dined there. With such a list of regulars, it's no wonder this bistro is considered one of the jewels of Parisian gastronomy.

In its statement, LVMH was clear: it aims to preserve the unique character and family identity of the restaurant, which has built its reputation on the exceptional quality of its supplies, obtained from small farmers and market gardeners who have been loyal for generations. The group is committed to maintaining these privileged relationships, ensuring the authenticity of the place, perpetuating traditions, and promoting French cultural and gastronomic heritage.