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5 things to do in Milan this weekend

From 10 to 12 June

 5 things to do in Milan this weekend  From 10 to 12 June

With the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Salone del design was inaugurated: until Sunday 12 June, 2,200 exhibitors will enliven the city of Milan after a two-year standstill. One of the best-loved events of the year and undoubtedly a favourite with tourists, who pour through the city in waves of parties, events and installations. So as not to miss out on the best when the choice is vast, nss faithfully guides you to discover the best of Design Week 2022.

To Eat - Nun

During Design Week, a few streetfood addresses like Nun can come in handy. Amazing Middle Eastern recipes reinvented in an organic key and an offer that varies from the classic, such as kebabs or the ever-present falafel, to the particular such as the Sabich, a vegetarian sandwich with fried aubergines, chickpea hummus, spicy harissa, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs and fresh mint and basil or the baba ganoush, a cream garnished with red onion and parsley.

Viale Gian Galeazzo, 2; Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 36


To Discover - Hogan Metaverse 

Until 12 June, you can access Hogan's digital universe via Oculus: a series of different rooms, each with unique elements reflecting the aesthetic language of the five digital artists who worked on NFTs Hogan Untraditional project. From stairways and architecture on which large iridescent bubbles float, to a vast lawn from which rise luminous prisms, large coloured roses and abstract geometric figures, all accompanied by futuristic colours and surreal vibrations. An unmissable journey into Web 3.

Via Monte Napoleone, 5


To Chill - True Evolution Experience by Poltrona Frau

At Palazzo Gallarati, right in the city centre, you can take part in Poltrona Frau's True Evolution Experience until Sunday. In the palace's period courtyard, strolling among the colonnades, observing the installation of mirrors dominating the spaces together with the music of Mystic Jungle, you will celebrate the 110th anniversary of the historic brand - but also its leap towards the future and towards new and contemporary dimensions of living where technology, tradition and design culture coexist as one.  

Via Alessandro Manzoni, 30


To Shop - Louis Vuitton's newsstand

Louis Vuitton has invaded two pivotal locations in Piazza San Babila: the flower stall and the district newsstand, respectively set up with the display of leather Origami flowers by Atelier Oï, the former, and with the City Guide, Travel Book and Fashion Eye series published by the Maison, the latter. In particular, the latter initiative represents an additional piece in the international itinerant project of Louis Vuitton's 'librairie éphémère', which with contemporary dynamism and traditional elegance aims to enhance the quality and beauty of editorial content.

Piazza San Babila

To Club - Le Cannibale at Base

On Friday and Saturday Le Cannibale animates Design Week at Base with two very special events featuring some key names on the international underground music scene. On Friday the electronic sound of Chinese/Canadian artist Yu Su and Japanese artist Hiroko, on Saturday the Italian disco in French sauce of Dov'è Liana and DJ Tamati

Via Bergognone, 34