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The sneaker of a generation according to Hogan

The brand's heritage continues with Gen H

The sneaker of a generation according to Hogan  The brand's heritage continues with Gen H

It is 1986 when Hogan makes its first entry into the world of footwear, writing one of the densest pages of content within that creative reservoir that goes by the name of Made in Italy. The debut comes by drawing directly from the world of cricket and bears the name Traditional, a timeless model. The dialogue with the sportswear world continues: 1995 is the year of the launch of the Athletic sneakers, while 1997 sees the presentation of the Interactive line. Meanwhile, the brand grows and Hogan's horizons expand further: in 2004 comes Olympia and in 2008 the most important line in structuring the brand's identity, Hogan Rebel, makes its debut. For the first time, Hogan's iconic footwear collection - Traditional, Athletic, Interactive and Rebel - finds a common dimension of expression in a range of sneaker models that reflect the values of an entire generation, Gen H.

But how do you turn a product into a poetic manifesto close to the needs of the new generation? The first step is to build a strong, bold and disruptive imagery. Hence the decision to focus on bold hues, side by side with the white that serves as the background: shocking pink, parakeet green, and fiery red add texture and are loaded with multi-purpose meanings. The Gen H sneakers express the urgency of immediately visual and engaging narratives, which do not want to be enclosed in labels and clear-cut definitions but are, on the contrary, inclusive and never obvious. Hogan has built a bridge made of leather, neon laces, and colorful details to take the side of the environment and issues that closely touch Gen H: sustainability, community, diversity, and above all authenticity. The second step is to connect different fashions, disrupting the very idea of traditional style. The sneakers designed by Hogan become spokespeople for an aesthetic vision that does not separate the idea of glamour from that associated with practicality, day from night or aesthetics from ethics: gen H is constantly looking for practical solutions to deal with the tasks of the present. Green light to bold experimentation and combinations that express, once again, a personal point of view on contemporary reality.

The absolute centrality of the theme of connection - We are all connected is the slogan of the campaign for Gen H - finally takes on the connotations of a stylistic contamination that runs through a design capable of putting formal wear on the tracks of streetwear: Hogan sneakers rewrite and (re)discover the concept of detail, proposing models perfectly adaptable to the needs of a community that no longer recognizes itself in an anachronistic value system. Platform, monochrome, sporty, dynamic or in the variant with pop colors: Hogan opens the roads to limitless paths where the exploration of one's uniqueness is at the core of a mission that aims to offer a valid alternative to the paths already traveled in the past.