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London Men Fashion Week FW17

From runway to moodboard

London Men Fashion Week FW17 From runway to moodboard

What's behind a fashion collection? What inspired the designer for that dress or that sweatshirt? In minds of designers are mixed films, books, exhibitions, photographs, paintings, childhood memories, images of the news. Everything can be transformed into a creation, a more or less brilliant intuition which, made of tissues, becomes an object of desire. Owning a piece of clothing is to possess the idea behind it. London Fashion Week is just finished. Curious to peek in the imagination of the designers?

Art & Design

John Lawrence Sullivan - Nancy Grossman's Tough Love Leather Sculptures

Grace Wales Bonner - Patrick Cariou (Dakar 2002)

E. Tautz - Peter Mitchell "Scarecrows"

Lou Dalton - John Booth's illustration

Ximon Lee - Nancy Grossman "Mare Imbrium"

Topman - Cary S. Leibowitz "I like me but I hate me"

Christopher Raeburn - Hansaviertel, Berlin

Liam Hodges - Alexandra Kehayoglou

J.W. Anderson - Part of a medieval stained glass panel from about 1375 detailing Christ's entry into Jerusalem.

An homage to

Craig Green - Egungun Masquerade

Craig Green - Vintage Fisherman

YMC - Vintage samurai

KTZ - Judas Priest "British steel"

Sibling - Parc Guell mosaic

Martine Rose - American Psycho

Bobby Abley - Power Rangers