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Gigi Hadid stars in Rankin's new short film

Celebrating 25 years of Dazed

Gigi Hadid stars in Rankin's new short film Celebrating 25 years of Dazed

Everybody knows Gigi Hadid. Fashion industry sugar babe, much envied Zayn Malik girlfriend, Kardashian-Jenners ‘adopted sister’ Gigi Hadid. 

Along with bae Kendall, they have hit all the most glamorous catwalks, from Chanel to Balenciaga, even ending up making their entrance into Victoria’s Secret hall of fame. Her career sure came at a low sacrifice rate, but at the same time her way has often been paved of critiques involving both her favoured background and her body shape – “too curvy, too sexy”, let’s don’t even start (who knows what comes to people’s twisted minds). Anyway, Gigi overcame all the bad comments and is now considered our times’ supermodel

So, it sounds a bit cringe when we hear that someone with such a glossy image is the new cover star of Dazed, independent magazine more interested to the underground scene. But that’s it. It's all true and, somehow, it couldn’t feel more right. 

For its 25th anniversary, the London-based fashion magazine made it big with 9 different covers featuring Gigi and shot by a super revival team, the photographer being Rankin (Dazed’s co-founder and now editor-in-chief of Hunger) and the stylist being Katie Grand (Dazed’s first fashion director, now at Love).

The choice of Gigi as the new issue's coverstar was Katie Grand's idea, after Jefferson Hack told her how much his (and Kate Moss’s) daughter Lila loved the model. No surprises then if the 18-pages-long feature will include an interview to the supermodel by 13-year-old Lila Moss Hack herself. Allegedly, the two spoke about boyfriends, body confidence and being true to yourself, with Gigi providing sort of ‘big sister’ advice to young Lila. “I think that’s where we should start: teaching models to put out a body image that they are happy and comfortable with, so that girls who relate to them know it's coming from a good place” she explains.

But that’s not all, the best part of the celebrations is a brand new short film directed by Rankin. With noir atmospheres and a kicking soundtrack, the video shows a curly-haired Gigi Hadid wearing a sophisticated black mask and lots of feathers while sneaking in Dazed’s old office in Old Street to basically trash it. In total ‘bad child’ mood, the model climbs on desks, smashes computers and through papers all around – not missing to spray paint a massive around Dazed’s ex-cover featuring Zayn Malik.