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Julien Boudet

POLAROIDSNEAKSSNIPER Kicks Collectors #8 Julien Boudet



Name: Julien Boudet

Age: 30

Profession: street style photographer

IG: @bleumode

City: New York


#1 What’s the origin of your passion for sneakers and when was it born?

It was born when I was about 12 years old, when I started attending high school and wanted to make sure my shoes looked good. I started buying Nike Air Max, one pair per year, so I would choose them very carefully. I couldn't make the wrong choice, otherwise I would have to wear them for the whole year anyway...


#2 What’s your favourite sneaker brand?    

Nike I guess.


#3 What’s your dream sneaker? Imagine you can create the perfect collaboration.  

I'm not fan of collabs honestly, that's too 'hype' for me. I love classics, vintage Air Max. No need to put a Supreme logo on them, that doesn't make them look better to me.


#4 What’s your favourite emergent sneaker brand?

Article Number and Filling Pieces.


Julien's sneakers: