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Hello London #4 - Central Saint Martins Foundation Show

Three artists to keep an eye on

Hello London #4 - Central Saint Martins Foundation Show Three artists to keep an eye on
Photo Courtesy of the artist
Ph. Gail Evans
Christopher Argentino

Breeding ground of talents in the fields of arts and fashion since its opening in 1989, Central Saint Martins doesn’t need any introduction. Every year London Fashion Week is animated by up and coming (and well established) designers often cranked out the renowned school and, even though we know not everyone might be destined to be a future McQueen, the solemn brick building dominating Granary Square remains a creative lab to constantly keep an eye on.

In the wake of the Foundation Degree Show held last weekend, we introduce you three outstanding artists from the new generation.



Photo Courtesy of the artist

Age: 19

Foundation degree in: Jewellery, Footwear & Fashion Accessories

Next: Model with Storm Management


On her project and how the idea came about…

"I am interested in the attitudes and meanings that society has towards markings on our skin – particularly women's. I could have chosen to see our body's marks as a problem that needed hiding, covering or correcting but instead chose to celebrate and even enhance them. Celebrating our bodies is about allowing freedom to love yourself totally and completely without feeling ashamed - to take power over your own identity."

On the message she wanted to spread…

"Everyone's body and marks are different and so my final foundation piece was designed for a specific person and focuses attention on the nipple. The nipple is often stigmatised or disguised, however I've sign-posted it right at the centre of my jewellery garment - framed with a leather ring."


On her inspirations…

"A well dressed woman, beautiful or interesting clothing...and people watching."



Age: 18

Foundation in: Fashion Communication

Next: BA Fashion Communication & Promotion at CSM


On her project Goneland and how the idea came about…

“I was obsessed with digital animation and cartoons at the time, and my aim was to explore narrative in fashion film. I was also obsessed with how Douglas Abraham (@bessnyc4 on Instagram) combines gory and disturbing images with fashion. So I decided to combine all of them and create a zombie movie for my final project.”

On the message she wanted to spread…

“Each character represents an aspect of being a girl, whether it is an insecurity, a common misconception, or a stereotype. That aspect is either butchered or exaggerated to create these characters that are featured in the film.”

On her inspirations…

“I have always been inspired by female creatives and female portrayals in art & fashion so I look into different female characters and artists.”



Ph. Gail Evans

Age: 20

Foundation Diploma in: Fashion & Textiles

Next: BA Fashion Design: Fashion Print also at CSM


On her project and how the idea came about…

“My project was called Bylo Nebylo (“Once Upon A Time” in Czech, my native language). My goal for it was to say my farewells to two decades of childhood and slowly move towards adulthood. I have always felt a little bitter about becoming an “official” adult with the age of 18 and felt like growing up would always mean leaving the childhood persona behind, which made me feel a bit distraught. For that reason, I sought to pay tribute to those years and preserve some of my favorite memories from this period of my life by creating an outfit that would collect all those souvenirs and little things that trigger my nostalgia.”

On the message she wanted to spread…

“Even though we all get older with time, it should not prevent us from keeping an inner child within. Our personalities change, naturally, but one’s personality is defined by all sorts of aspects and little moments, none of which should be aborted or forgotten.”

On her inspirations…

“I was mostly inspired by my favorite fairy tale book About nine princesses, which has a special place in my heart and which I could still recite by heart to this very day. Another source of inspiration came from the different perception of kitsch, how it changes from the child’s perspective to a grown-up’s. This lead me to graffiti, harajuku street style and other amazing places.”