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Meet the two sisters behind the popular Art-lexa Chung IG account

Exclusive interview

Meet the two sisters behind the popular Art-lexa Chung IG account Exclusive interview

In a historic moment in which fashion and art are more and more related, there’s an Instagram profile not to miss. It’s @artlexachung – to read Art-lexa Chung (Art + Alexa Chung) – an account which perfectly expresses the essence of this charming artistic mix.

Behind the brilliant idea of matching glossy pictures of the British it girl to some of the most iconic works of art of the past century there’s the hand of two Spanish sisters: María and Beatriz Valdovín. Together they created a virtual empire which boasts today more than 30 thousand followers (constantly growing) and numerous famous admirers. We decided to meet them to find out what lies behind their success and, of course, to show them all our admiration. 


#1 Where do you come from and what’s your academic background?

María: I’m 25 and I’m a journalist. I completed my studies with a master in Art History in Rome and a fashion course at Central Saint Martins in London. I also worked as a culture editor. 

Beatriz: I’m 23 and I’m currently attending a double degree in business and law. We both live together in our hometown, Zaragoza (Spain).

#2 Alexa Chung is clearly your muse. Why do you admire her so much?

Alexa is a fashion muse and a special girl. We admire her for her unique sense of style, of course, but also for her cool personality, natural and confident. She has that je ne sais quoi that makes her so fresh, modern and interesting: it’s something impossible to recreate. 

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#3 Where do you search for inspiration to create your artworks?

We work with two main sources: Alexa and art, and each one inspires the another to create the compositions. We usually search in Tumblrs, Instagrams, fashion and art magazines and also art books, but internet is actually the place where we find most of our inspiration. 

#4 You constantly match fashion photography and fine arts. Which kind of art do you like the most?

We can't choose only one, both of them are equally beloved and inspiring for us. We are two aesthetes: fashion, photography and painting enthusiasts. It’s cool and funny for us, it’s like a game: working on these compositions mixing our passions.

#5 How long does it normally take you to create one of your artworks?

We are a complete disaster planning our works and collecting stuff. Every time we are asked to do a project, we start practically from zero looking for the material we feel inspired by. Sometimes the ideas come instantly, as soon as we look at an image we think of a possible connection and try out the composition. Other times we try it harder, but there’s no specific trick, it’s always an improvisation.

Una foto pubblicata da Art-lexa Chung (@artlexachung) in data:

#6 If you could choose another muse, who would it be?

We admire a lot of people such as Patti Smith or Tavi Gevinson, but we think that this Instagram formula is perfect for Alexa. She’s constantly creating beautiful looks, she’s the most suitable person because she has millions of pictures (from her Instagram, campaigns, covers and editorials) that make it possible to create so many funny connections with art.

Anyway, we did two projects for Dazed and Confused Magazine inspired by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, that we love, and it also worked. 

#7 Recently fashion brands are more and more involved in art. Who would you like to work for?

As you say, every day we notice a growing number of this kind of works and we constantly fall in love with them, it’s a refreshing and cool trend. If we were asked... our latest obsession is Alessandro Michele. We are absolutely charmed by his aesthetic, so the new Gucci would be fascinating to work with. And Jacquemus! The ideas and creations of this French guy are so beautiful, we admire him so much. Both of them have interesting connections with art.

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#8 What would you like to do when you grow up?

María: I love literature and writing so I would love to work in this field, but also related with fashion and art.

Beatriz: I would like to work in the fashion industry as well, but more related with my economic and business skills.