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Prada presents Prada Olfactories

Watch the exclusive video

Prada presents Prada Olfactories Watch the exclusive video


“Each perfume is designed with the distinct intention of triggering the subconscious mind, of provoking the surreal, cinematic experience of a partially remembered dream” says Daniela Andrier, Prada’s favourite parfumière.

Her latest creation of the House – after the success of the first Miu Miu parfum – is called Prada Olfactories and is composed by a series of delicate fruity fragrances, a mix of different scents we could associate to the features of a collage. "The idea with Olfactories was to make a chemical collage, for each scent to evoke a flash of different images like those that that come to you in dreams. It's like when you wake up from a dream and you have a very strong impression of something that happened and, even if you can't keep that image with you, it can paint your whole day and give you something you can't put a name to”.

To communicate this idea of surreal collage, Prada launched a video with a dreamlike sound, that graphically represents the essence of each perfume of the collection.

Click play, and dream.