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nss x airmax

air max is more than a shoe

nss x airmax air max is more than a shoe

Little questionnaire: what the following dates refers to?

A) December 25th

B) April 25th

C) June 2th

D) May 1th

E) March 26th


A) Christmas

B) Liberation Day

C) Republic Day

D) Labor Day

E) Air Max Day.


If you guessed all of them: congratulations! You are exemplary citizens.

If you guessed only the half of them: you certainly have to work on it.

If you guessed all of them except the last one: bad, very bad, you failed. Don't you really know what happens on March 26th? We're talking about Air Max day: the day when, exactly 28 years ago, Tinker Hatfield gave birth to one of the cornerstones of the sneakers universe. Honoring the festivity is clearly the kind of thing that every Nike-supporter have to do: for this reason we have created NSSXAIRMAX website, so you could take pictures of your ##airmax using the perfect hashtag.

The countdown has begun: from today at 3 pm until the "X-date" you will find on the magazine every day a different content about the Air Max world. On March 26th you'll certainly know everything you need to know about you favorite sneakers! Let's spread the Air Max culture with us!