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Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby x Sneakerboy GIF

iconic and sophisticated

Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby x Sneakerboy GIF  iconic and sophisticated

Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby meet Sneakerboy, and store digital paradise of sneakers created by Australian Chris Kyvetos in which you can now find the collection created by the creative couple. Experience retail avant-garde designed for the new-age luxury with two physical locations in Australia and a flagship store in New York in the yard. 

It's 2005 when Raf Simons met for the first time the American artist Sterling Ruby.

The first is a former industrial designer men's fashion talent now, while the second is a former skater and construction worker transformed into one of the most important and original artists of recent years.


They come from different realities, but among them is immediately friendship, exchange of influences and ideas over a decade. From this meeting of minds and the arts to create a collection from the DIY punk sensibility and attitude. Simons and Ruby manipulate, experiment. Working with color, discolor fabrics, silhouettes build, rework the adolescent longing, transforming it into a collection iconic and sophisticated.

The relationship between Raf Simons and Ruby Sterling is a meeting between minimalism and chaos, between fashion and art that exceeds the limits and boundaries. Under the exclusive GIF created to celebrate the collaboration.