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Yonge St. #1 Editorial

Yonge St. #1 Editorial
Yonge St. #1 Editorial

Yonge St. is a format created by MILA's Art Directors Milli and Lola (Maddalena and Petrosino Eleonora Gaspari). MILA is a collaboration that blends reportage, fashion styling and photo editing. MILA was founded in Rome in 2013 and connects various genres proving that opposites can come together to create a unique vision. Much of the creative impulses come from an immediate personal touch which speaks the truth and street culture. For these reasons, MILA has turned into an agency which has created ties beyond it's borders. In less than a year the project has landed in Toronto, where the Art Directors now live and experience with their own eyes what is happening on the streets of North America.



Toronto is a unique cultural mosaic that prides itself in being a multi faceted multicultural city, and is growing more and more culturally diverse every day.


Photo - Fashion Styling - Photo Editor by MILA \ project by Maddalena Petrosino & Eleonora Gaspari 

Photo: Maddalena Petrosino 

Fashion Styling \ Photo Editor : Eleonora Gaspari 

Model: Nathalie Beaulieu @NextModelsCanada 

Make Up:  Justyna O



black shorts : SOOPSOOP clothing

cage bra : ARMED - White Vintage K-Way: ROOTS

purple Jacket : YIJIR vintage Canadian clothing 

White pants : KAELIN vintage Neckless : ARMED jewelry 

Adidas pants \ Neckless : ARMED jewelry 

Adidas sweater \purple shorts : SOOPSOOP clothing

Fresh Prince Windbreaker : SECOND WIND 


Special thanks to SOOPSOOP

Canadian Vintage Shop and ARMED jewelry