Bernhard Willhelm, German designer based in Belgium, is famous for its playful, colorfull and irreverent approach to fashion, not chasing the trend of the moment, but only his instincts.

No wonder then that for the summer collection the young artist is inspired by an American show presented by Joan Rivers which paraphrases the title of "Bitch Stole My Look", turning it into "Look stole my bitch" Willhelm takes the style of Los Angeles, he extremes it and merges with luxury sportswear. Prints of scissors, stripes, cuts on fabrics, alternating larger volumes with other very tight are the elements that define the work of the designer.

The kitsch, ironic and irreverent style is amplified by a lookbook in which the protagonist is a pair of old models, a tanned duo proudly wearing the creations of German designer.



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