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Fashion Week Streetstyle Awards

Make the difference #FWSA2014

Fashion Week Streetstyle Awards Make the difference #FWSA2014

Milan. The Holy Fashion Week has just ended, but we are still in the middle of Fashion Week Streetstyle Awards.

We have enlisted some of the most talented photographers in the fashion industry to enjoy the competition, the goal is to capture the essence of style, the detail that counts, the amazing combination.

Also this year is our partner, and assigns the Jury Prize, all united in search of style, like real coolhunters.

The game is now: it's your turn to vote.

Until Friday, February 28th , you can make a difference.

The ranking for the time being is not defined, a few votes distancing  the Best Females:

Patricia Manfield

Chiara Ferragni

Gilda Ambrosio

The orientation preferences makes us understand future trends and what the people who love fashion seriously. Boyfriend jeans like Gilda or ecclesiastical elegance as Miroslava Duma ? Chiara Totire wearing a fluffy fur, anticipating trends next autumn-winter trend. Reported invasion of cartoon animals for Erika Boldrin and Giulia Brandimarti, following the path traced by Au jour le jour.

Best Detail: the challenge still wide open, here the craziness of detail that makes the difference is appreciated in every shot.

And then the fundamental category: the photographers. The best shots were selected and the ranking is yet to be determined , for now in pole position :

1 . Jonathan Paciullo

2 . Massimiliano Meoni

3 . Adam Katz Sinding .

Stunning shots , lights and shadows handled with skill. Small masterpieces from all vote .

Now it's your turn , MAKE THE DIFFERENCE !