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Domenico Cioffi SS 2014 Collection

Sweet Chèrif

Domenico Cioffi SS 2014 Collection Sweet Chèrif

60s. Two in adolescent on a romantic getaway in small town America. "Moonrise Kingdom", a film directed by Wes Anderson, slides projected behind the latest collection of Domenico Cioffi.

The Neapolitan designer, studies at the European Institute of Design and based between Netherlands and Italy, has made his signature pop minimalism, blending between cultures, inspirations and aesthetic visions.

"Sweet Chèrif" is all that and much more. It’s the geometry of the works of Sol Lewitt , the kitsch art of Jeff Koons , the uniform of the cheerleaders, the Space Age. It 's a world seen with dreamy eyes, filtered by pastel colors: pink, blue, white, cream. Technical fabrics and pondered silhouettes balance the sugary bon ton of the colors. Strictness, clean lines, with some concessions to minimalist ruffles characterize dresses from the '60s flavor. The details give a hint of malice and eccentricity : stars on PVC with hologram effect, glasses made ​​of birch wood, tennis visors, PVC and kid sandals.

Domenico Cioffi create a collection that is innocent, refined, fresh, feminine, and never excessive .