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Tom Ford to show in Milan without Tom Ford

The brand's first show in Milan under new creative director

Tom Ford to show in Milan without Tom Ford The brand's first show in Milan under new creative director

Tom Ford is from Texas, but his story is inextricably linked to Italy. Working at Gucci in the late 1990s and 2000s, the American designer became a legend; and after founding the brand that bears his name, a more than three billion empire, his production remained based in Italy in the hands of Zegna. Now that the brand has said goodbye to its founder, who has retired from fashion but not film, but not to his name, it only seems fitting that the first show of the Peter Hawkings era will begin during Milan Fashion Week this September. The Milan season ahead after the summer will no doubt be extremely charged.

Hawkings' debut at Tom Ford also coincides with Sabato De Sarno's at Gucci and Simone Bellotti's at Bally - marking a season that will take place under the banner of the "veteran designer." Hawkings has worked with Tom Ford from as far back as Gucci and worked at his eponymous brand while also serving as vice president until his transition in the role. Essentially, Hawkings represents the best continuator of Ford's tradition and language, his most logical heir who, among other things, also introduced eyewear, leather goods and jewelry production in the brand's early days.

How much was Tom Ford sold for?

Tom Ford has been sold for $2.8 billion. With the purchase of Ford's empire by Estèe Lauder for $2.8 billion, the Zegna Group, which owns 15 percent of Ford's shares, will become the manufacturer and distributor of all products bearing the Ford name, except eyewear, which will still be produced by Marcolin, and fragrances and beauty products, which will remain in the hands of Estèe Lauder. Zegna has acquired all of Tom Ford's fashion-related operations, representing a significant achievement for a group that has been expanding rapidly in the run-up to a stock market listing.

What will Tom Ford do next?

In a recent interview with Air Mail, the first since the sale of his brand, Ford confirmed these assumptions. When Bridget Foley asked him about his plans to direct a new film, Ford replied that he simply needs to rest at the moment, considering the complex period of transition he is going through. She has had to cope with the passing of her father during the pandemic, the loss of her husband and ex-partner Ian Falconer, as well as the sale of her brand and a move to a new home in Palm Beach.