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Who were the major absentees of the Met Gala?

Who skipped the Met Gala and who wouldn't even consider it

Who were the major absentees of the Met Gala? Who skipped the Met Gala and who wouldn't even consider it

Another Met Gala has ended and while we are still busy choosing the best and worst looks, someone needs to take the trouble to once again make the list of the big absentees: those who should have been there but weren't and those who simply have never been there. While we now know by heart the names of the people who are not welcome by Anna Wintour, the "Met banned," not everyone knows those who have never gone to the event organized by Vogue or who never wanted to go. For example, Drake has never set foot on the Met Gala red carpet, as well as Adele, who this year preferred to enjoy the break from her residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, leaving those who expected to finally see her walk the Metropolitan Museum of Art's runway empty-handed. Another luxury absentee is definitely Britney Spears, who, despite her regained fame in recent years, has never managed to secure an invitation from Anna Wintour, as well as Dolly Parton, who with eight Grammys under her belt and a career as a true music icon, deserves more than anyone else to walk on the Met Gala red carpet. On the other hand, Paris Hilton has finally reversed the trend, making her official debut yesterday in a total-black look signed by Marc Jacobs.

The situation is quite different for Meryl Streep, the face of the same Global Editorial Director of Vogue in The Devil Wears Prada and a luxury absentee from the guest list. Although some might think her absence is deliberate by Wintour (perhaps not having digested the actress's interpretation), the reality is quite different: in 2020, Streep was supposed to be the co-chair of the event before the edition was canceled due to Covid, which caused the actress to miss out on the opportunity to attend. While for some, attending the Met Gala means certifying a career or celebrity status, some simply don't need it. Jennifer Aniston falls into this category, as do Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. On the other hand, those who chose to give it a miss this year, perhaps preferring the calm of their own living room and the comfort of their pajamas, have a different story.

Zendaya and Tom Holland, the royal couple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, were not seen, despite reports claiming they were among the attendees, as were Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber, despite the model's relationship with Chanel. If, as some say, "absence is presence," then Timothée Chalamet made the best choice, disappointing those who were hoping for his first official outing with Kylie Jenner after rumors of their alleged romance. From the cinema to music, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift round out the list of big absentees or those who may join the list of those who have chosen to definitively renounce the magic of the Met Gala in the coming years.