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Golden Goose presents new Forward Stores in Dubai and New York

Co-action stores for a responsible future

Golden Goose presents new Forward Stores in Dubai and New York Co-action stores for a responsible future

In 2022, Golden Goose unveiled its first co-action initiative: the Forward Store. Now, after opening its doors in Via Cusani in Milan, the brand is taking the format to the United States, to the well-known Soho district and to Dubai in the renowned Mall of the Emirates, with the aim of promoting a new sustainable vision in the world. Conceived with the aim of extending the life cycle of products by giving them a second life, the innovative retail concept is based on four cornerstones: Repair, Remake, Resell and Recycle.

An artisanal approach and a range of interactive activities give customers the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable sustainability journey. With the new Forward Store, Golden Goose leads the way in REPAIR thanks to its tailoring and shoemaking services, opening the first workshops where anyone can bring trainers of any brand to the shop and take advantage of the washing and sanitizing, repair, replacement and preservation services, thus extending the product life cycle and reducing the impact on the planet. REMAKE, on the other hand, is a new interactive customisation experience that gives customers the opportunity to design their own unique products together with the brand's Dream Makers, choosing from a wide range of decorations and finishes to be applied to new and unreleased items. Customers can also choose from various treatments, such as a distressed effect, embroidery, lettering or handmade designs. The Forward Store also acts as a physical platform for RESELLING selected Golden Goose branded pieces, ensuring a direct transaction between buyer and seller. Customers' trainers and leather jackets will be displayed in a dedicated area of the store, ready to find another owner to embark on a new journey with. There are also two RECYCLING baskets in each shop where each visitor can leave any used items they no longer wish to keep, ensuring that these products and materials are reused.