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The new drop of MSCHF to be sued

The art collective has abused the logos of others

The new drop of MSCHF to be sued The art collective has abused the logos of others

After launching an e-store where it is possible to buy high-end designer bags (such as Fendi, Hermès, Burberry and Rolex) at the price of $ 40 each on January 13th, MSCHF has officially crossed the vague boundary of legality that already several times had challenged in the past. The creative collective's 68th drop, the Cease & Desist Grand Prix, includes eight racing shirts, each printed with the logo of a mega-corporation: Coca-Cola, Disney, Amazon, Tesla, Subway, Microsoft, Walmart or Starbucks, sent to each brand in preview together with a "ceasefire" letter regarding future and past complaints and warnings. It goes without saying that MSCHF has not been given the green light to use the logos of any of these companies.

MSCHF is challenging customers to buy the t-shirt with the brand logo that will send the first (new) warning to the collective. Buyers who guess right will receive the "Grand Prix champion's hat" embroidered with the MSCHF logo, itself a parody of the Pirelli one. A satirical response against the numerous legal actions that MSCHF has had to face, such as the famous controversy with Nike over Satan shoes in collaboration with Lil Nas X.

Fortunately there is no risk for contestants to get involved in legal trouble: "You are in no way complicit, guilty or in danger of legal ramifications by purchasing this", MSCHF specified. However, there is the risk of not receiving their purchases after the intervention of the lawyers, so anyone who wants to grab an item from the new drop will have to hurry.