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The new Foot Locker campaign that tells about diversity through art

In collaboration with street artist Rediet Longo, aka RED, and British tattoo artist Jade Chanel

The new Foot Locker campaign that tells about diversity through art In collaboration with street artist Rediet Longo, aka RED, and British tattoo artist Jade Chanel

Art has always been a vehicle for social cohesion, capable of giving a voice to entire generations through time. This is why Foot Locker has chosen the artistic activity as the theme of its latest Spring 2021 "Wear More Art" campaign activated in collaboration with the Milanese street artist Rediet Longo, aka RED, and the British tattoo artist Jade Chanel, and which will be dedicated to an exclusive collection of sneakers and clothing that will be presented through two separate but complementary chapters of which the first part is already available in Foot Locker stores, with the second release coming in mid-May. The two creatives were invited to illustrate the campaign with a series of sneaker designs included in this collection that was made to encourage the Foot Locker community to use creativity as a means to find their voice. Their creations will decorate the locations of the retail chain and will be the main protagonists of the online campaign.

In Milan, Foot Locker asked RED to create a mural that represents the unity of young citizens of different cultures. The Italian artist also held a creative workshop in collaboration with the Paint the Change organization, inviting young Milanese people to express their thoughts, ideas and creative vision. For the part of the campaign that will be dedicated to contemporary tattoo art in Europe, instead, Jade Chanel will create graphics inspired by her fine line style of tattoos, her floral motifs and figures inspired by ancient Egyptian art. Among other things, this project will inaugurate a series of collaborations with young European artists that will develop season after season, expanding the Foot Locker community more and more and encouraging its members to express their creativity and make their voices heard through art, as anticipated by Carmen Seman, Vice President of Marketing at Foot Locker in Europe.

To know more about his all-Milanese project, we asked RED to tell us firsthand about his work with Foot Locker.

The motto of your collaboration with Foot Locker is "Wear more art". Tell us about how personal style, street art and sneaker culture meet in your creative experience.

The collaboration with Foot Locker "Wear more art" was born to promote the release of the new Spring collection by Puma, Converse and Nike. For the launch of the collection I was inspired by the urban life of Milan. Personally, I am not a shoe collector, but I really like them and even if they are limited editions I love to use them until consuming them. The shoes accompany me wherever there is to create and the ideas for launching the campaign started from tags, writings and messages that I leave in every corner of Milan. I was inspired by the slogans "Wear more art" and "Save the youth" to underline the fact that art is the medium and that young people are our future.

With the workshop "Paint the Change" you taught young Milanese to express themselves through street art. What is the role of the youth community in an artistic discipline like yours? And vice versa, what can be the role of street art in today's youth communities?

The "Paint the change" workshop was definitely a unique experience. Before the workshop we carved out time for a mini talk presentation, where some problems emerged told and experienced by the children related to their Afro-descent and their problems to integrate. Later, during the realization of the mural, looking at the boys I noticed how strong the power of street art and art in general can be, as a vehicle to give voice and vent to a community that has no other means to be heard.

Each of the guys expressed through drawing what he couldn't say by voice during the talk. This impressed me a lot and I saw each of them again and realized how much street art can really be a fundamental means with a very strong role in our community. The guys at the workshop were thrilled with the experience and texted me daily with questions and advice.

Is the Milan of the youth an environment that inspires you in your creative process? Which areas do you prefer?

I love Milan very much and, transported by what I am most passionate about, I always end up in environments and places where I find myself with other creatives with whom I compare styles with which I exchange ideas to create something new. As a very frequent area I frequent Ticinese and Navigli, but I never have fixed places, I always go where there is to be created without caring so much about the areas or the map of Milan. I always like to broaden my horizons.

Is there a sneaker release that you wait for with particular attention?

Lately I am not paying too much attention to the release of new sneakers, but among many I must say that I am curious to try the new Adidas Yeezy foam Runner by Kanye, both for the futuristic design that has the silhouette of the shoe. I would like to understand firsthand how they were made to test the material with which they were made, algae foam if I am not mistaken?

The street art-inspired part of the Spring 2021 collection is already available on and in stores across Europe, while the tattoo-inspired line will be available in May.