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H&M launched Looop, the first in-store recycling system

"Fashion should never go to waste"

H&M launched Looop, the first in-store recycling system Fashion should never go to waste

"Fashion should never go to waste" should be the mantra of any fashion brand in the world, whether it is fast fashion (above all!) or luxury and emerging brands. With this quote the fast fashion giant H&M introduced Looop, the world's first in-store recycling system, currently installed only in the Stockholm flagship store.

The Swedish brand takes a big step towards sustainability, starting from consumers, and offering them the chance to transform an old garment into something totally new: this innovative recycling process takes place through 8 mechanical steps, ranging from cleaning, filtering and dismantling of the fibers until a new weave is created. All without using water or even dyes.

“We are constantly exploring new technology and innovations to help transform the fashion industry as we are working to reduce the dependency on virgin resources. Getting customers on board is key to achieve real change and we are so excited to see what Looop will inspire” says Pascal Brun, Head of Sustainability at H&M.

To launch the project through social channels, H&M choose four activists devoted to the planet and the topic of sustainability: singer SZA, model and activist Andreea Diaconu, English ethologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall, and the activist Vic Barrett.

The protagonists of the launch will also be among the first to "test" the innovation, creating new personalized garments by recycling an old piece of their wardrobe. Goodall transformed a t-shirt into a warm autumn sweater, SZA - passionate about upcycling, recycling and customization - gave new life to her mother's knit skirt from 1991, creating a new scarf, same output chosen by Barrett. Last but not least, the Romanian supermodel transformed a karate uniform into a sweater.