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The creative industry under quarantine - E05 BRAIN DEAD

Elia tells us about his new daily life

The creative industry under quarantine - E05 BRAIN DEAD Elia tells us about his new daily life

After the interviews with The AtticoSUNNEI and Gianluca Cantaro, nss magazine continues to report on these very particular and dramatic weeks through the voices of the Milanese and international creative community, people not used to settle down in a single place, but rather more used to travel around the world searching for inspiration and ideas, a perfect reflection of the global nature of the fashion industry. 

Telling his new daily life today is Elia, one of the creative minds behind Brain Dead, a deeply international brand connected with a number of different realities around the world, from Japan to Italy, from the US to the UK. 


#1 Your typical quarantine day 

I get up, I take a shower, I feed my cat, I send and reply to emails for the whole morning, I have lunch at home, I do some research and sketches (sometimes I lose myself for hours in unnecessary searching, I'll admit that), then I'll work out on the treadmill or I do some exercises for my injured knee, I have dinner, a couple of BD meetings, then I go to bed with a nice book. 

#2 Your first thought when you realized that Coronavirus was a real and concrete issue

Honestly, I can't remember. I was living in Japan for over a month as we were setting up a pop-up store at Dover Street Market. I was living in the northern part of Harajuku, which borders on Sendagaya. I used to go for a run on my own every morning around the Olympic village built in Sendagaya and I realized that it was going to remain unused. 

#3 The app you're using the most in this period

NTS Radio

#4 Your biggest fear and what you miss the most

I haven't lived in my parents' house since I was 16 years old. Looking back is not something I usually like to do, especially for my job. Maybe this time it will be useful, though, who knows. 
I honestly miss working with Kyle in a different country months, without office hours or limitations. 

#5 The most pleasing surprise of this quarantine

First of all, I was able to finish some stuff that I wanted to do for myself: a book, a website, a logo. Second of all, I've realized how many things and activities are actually useless. If I think of all the hours that I spent driving every day (in Los Angeles I usually drive for 32 miles a day...). 

#6 Your soundtrack or the album you've been listening non-stop

Black Belt Eagle Scout - Mother of My Children

#7 Your tip for creative people who are having trouble with this time of standstill 

Clean your desktop, create a folder with all the thoughts and the images that best describe these weeks and start from there. This might help a part of your brain called central executive, which just like your computer can clean up of old files and create a new canvas for the future. 

#8 Are you already planning your post-quarantine?

Yes, with lots of shoes.