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Serena Williams showed off a Swarovski Swoosh during Wimbledon

The American star confirms her style attitude on the English grass

Serena Williams showed off a Swarovski Swoosh during Wimbledon The American star confirms her style attitude on the English grass

Serena Williams' passion for fashion has made all her matches into an event that attracts the attention of those who are not addicted with sports, but are curious to see her new looks. While her athletic performances are having mixed results, the champion's outfits, on the other hand, never fail. Serena started her 2019 Wimbledon campaign playing against Italian Giulia Gatto-Monticone in a Nike white mini dress embellished with a very special and sparkling swoosh. The Broosh, as the accessory has been nicknamed exploiting the crasis between the words "Swoosh" and "brooch", is composed of 34 Swarovski crystals, a number that recalls the age in which Willaims won her last London Slam, in 2016.

"I also wanted her to feel like it was something her grandmother could have worn, but of course give it a modern spin and make it just right for Serena."

NikeCourt global design director Abby Swancutt said, explaining that the inspiration for this valuable tribute to the tennis career comes from the jewelry collections of past generations of the Williams family.

Now a sort of living legend, the athlete confirms with this new look that her love for fashion is not ephemeral, but always hides a message. Since she returned to play (at Roland Garros 2018) after pregnancy with a tight Nike catsuit (designed to overcome a series of post-partum health problems), Serena has used her image and clothes to break down boundaries and rules, fight prejudice and support female empowerment.


For the 2019 French Open, for example, the tennis player made her debut with a look created in collaboration with Virgil Abloh, a custom-made black dress with the words "Queen", "Champion" and "Mamma" printed in white in French. The creation, part of a capsule collection for summer 2019 created by Serena with Nike and Off-White, made the woman feel perfectly comfortable, as she said:

"I felt so feminine in the tutu, which is probably my favorite part. It really embodies what I always say: that you can be strong and beautiful at the same time."

Curious people wonder what the champion will wear today during the match in a mixed double with local idol Andy Murray, a sportsman very focused to equal opportunities issues and a true feminist who, before being 'saved' by Williams, had a hard time finding the right partner for Wimbledon. If there is still a mystery about the dress and the outcome of the match, Serena has already won the award for the best supporters. In the stands, in fact, the tennis player can count on two very special and loyal fans: her husband Alexis Ohanian and Meghan Markle, the Sussex Duchess who watched the clash of her friend against the Slovenian Kaja Juvan from the Royal Box.