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How many brands in support of Pride month are actually helping the cause?

The global commercialization of Pride month is undeniable, but here's a list of brands putting their money where their mouths are

How many brands in support of Pride month are actually helping the cause? The global commercialization of Pride month is undeniable, but here's a list of brands putting their money where their mouths are

Only a few days into the Month of Pride and there has already been a flood of campaigns and advs from brands claiming their support in favour of queer culture and the LGBTQ+ community. In the past three days, adidas has released the rainbow version of their Ozweego sneaker, Nike unveiled its 'Be True' rainbow sneaker collection, Starbucks released a colourful love branded cup, ASOS created a wholesome rainbow capsule collection, and so have names like Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, H&M, Reebok etc. Without a doubt, brands showing their support for the LGBTQ+ community has resulted in the commercialization of the concept of pride.

Pride initially began in 1970 in New York City following the Stonewall Riots as a way to commemorate those who fought for the rights of the community both living and dead. The pride events were born out of a concept that was highly political in the fight for global tolerance, but for many reasons including its commercialization, the concept of pride has turned into a big party with somewhat unclear objectives. 

In the past few years, many brands have been called out for jumping on this party bandwagon and using pride celebrations as a money-making opportunity as opposed to finding ways to support the community that in many parts of the world is still in great need and danger. However this year, a few of these brands have taken note of their shortcomings and have created channels in which to support the LGBTQ+ community. If shopping in support of the LGBTQ+ community you might want to make sure that your dollars are going towards the right causes.

Let’s take a look at a roundup of brands who are celebrating this month’s pride not just by putting rainbows across T-shirts but actually contributing to the cause. 



For pride month adidas has released new merch for it’s Love Unites campaign. The classic Ozweego, Nizza and Continental 80 shoes have already been released in rainbow versions as well as a selection of tracksuits, shirts and shorts with a multicoloured version of the brand’s logo. “Real, positive change is possible when you harness the influence of sport. It’s on all of us to help create a world in which everyone feels safe and can show up as their authentic, unapologetic selves. We see you and we celebrate you, during Pride month and every single day all year long” said adidas Director of Diversity and inclusion Emmy Negrin. 

LGBTQ+ Contributions: From their Loves Unties initiative adidas will donate part proceeds to a youth suicide prevention and crisis organization called The Trevor Project. They have also partnered with Brooklyn Museum in New York for a special event celebrating the artworks of 22 LGBTQ+ artists.  



The Swedish brand has called on trans actress Laverne Cox to be featured in their latest Love for All campaign which includes rainbow patterned t-shirts, shorts, sweaters, shorts, pants and accessories. 

LGBTQ+ Contributions: H&M has pledged to donate 10 per cent of its proceeds from it’s collection to the United Nations Free & Equal Campaign. However, this has been a been contradictory seeing that the brand still does a great mass of its production in Bangladesh, a country where homosexuality is considered illegal. N.B Shop at your own heed. 


Polo Ralph Lauren

For the first time, Ralph Lauren has a capsule collection dedicated to Pride featuring a selection of five colourful gender-neutral pieces such t-shirts, sweaters, hats, tote bags with rainbow versions of the brand’s logo. 

LGBTQ+ Contributions: 100% of the proceeds made from the T-Shirts and 50% from the other items will be donated to the Stonewall Community Foundation. 



A few days ago Nike released their 2019 BE TRUE pride month pack which was inspired by activist Gilbert Baker who created the famous Pride Flag in 1979. In collaboration with the activist’s estate, Nike created a collection of shoes, accessories and clothes highly influenced by the pride flag. This includes the Air Max 720 in a rainbow palette with Baker’s signature on the back, The Air Tailwind 79 with a rainbow heel, the Zoom Pegasus Turbo in a full rainbow stripe with glitter and sparkles among other products. 

LGBTQ+ Contributions: Nike’s BeTrue campaign initially launched in 2013 and each year a donation is made to the LGBT Sports Coalition which is compromised of different organizations such as GLAAD, National Centre for Lesbian Rights, Equality Coaching Alliance etc. In 2013, the organization made a 200k donation to the Coalition which was one of the biggest donations made in its history. 



Since 2014, Converse has been in support of the LGBTQ+ community by creating a line of limited edition Pride sneakers each year. This year the brand has even taken a step further by creating versions of the Chuck Taylor and Chuck 70 inspired by the trans flag covered in glitter.   

LGBTQ+ Contributions: Each year the brand is known to donate a percentage of their proceeds to their global partner charities It Gets Better Project and Out MetroWest.



Last month Diesel launched their pride capsule collection in celebration of the Pride season. The collection consists of 20 items including t-shirts, socks, shorts, bodysuits with the word pride and of course the classic rainbow. 

LGBTQ+ Contributions: From the profits, Diesel will be making a donation to the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative — an international non-profit LGBTQ+ organization.


Michael Kors

As a part of their 2019 Summer collection, the American brand is releasing a Rainbow capsule which will be a collection of multicolour clothes, sneakers and accessories. The designer has also created a special t-shirt called the #MKGO Rainbow charm charity t-shirt with the brand’s logo done in a rainbow. 

LGBTQ+ Contributions: Each of these #MKGO Rainbow charm charity t-shirts sold, the brand will donate 100% of the proceeds to the God’s Love We Deliver LGBT organization in NYC. 


Dr Martens

Doc Martens launched their first Pride boot in 2017, and each year it’s presented with a bit of an update. This year Dr Martens has re-created their classic 1460 boot in all the colours of the rainbow throughout the shoes’ body.  

LGBTQ+ Contributions: A portion of the proceeds from these shoes will go towards The Trevor Project, which is one of the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis interventions organisations for LGBTQ+ youth.