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The Instagram accounts that every true Prada fan must follow

From the profile dedicated to the archive of the brand to the one that monitors all the looks of Miuccia Prada

The Instagram accounts that every true Prada fan must follow From the profile dedicated to the archive of the brand to the one that monitors all the looks of Miuccia Prada

There is something powerful and irresistible in the Prada universe.  The collections will be capable of upsetting, from year to year, the horizons of taste or perhaps their stylistic rigor, minimal elegance;  it will be the use of industrial materials mixed with the more delicate ones like silk and chiffon or the dialogue between opposing elements with strident combinations that are always interesting and fascinating.  His ugly aesthetic, the so-called ugly chic, is the aesthetic vision that has most influenced the taste of the last 30 years, a cultured reworking of the aesthetic disorder of our era as someone has defined it.  Perhaps because of this, because the Prada style inevitably forms part of our DNA on Instagram, a distorted mirror that reflects our past and our present, the posts on the brand are very many, as well as the accounts, in addition to the official one, dedicated to the brand or  Miuccia Prada, its founder, continuously multiply. nss informs you of what every true fan must know and follow.

@ prada.archive


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Naomi via @thenandnowcollection #prada #pradaarchive #vintageprada

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This particular account focuses on the more athleisure side of Prada, the one that marries details and technical materials with sportswear, what distinguishes the stylistic codes of Prada Linea Rossa that launched for the first time in 1997 has returned in the last year conquering ranks of new fans especially among the millenial. Nat Tong, a twenty year old fashion assistant who lives in London, takes much of the material that flows into @prada.archive from Vogue, particularly from the Italian version and from the end of the 1990s to the beginning of the 2000s , but among these vintage images there are often more contemporary ones.


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ss 99 #prada #pradaarchive #vintageprada

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Definitely the most eclectic among this selection of accounts that pay homage to the Milanese brand. Not only the usual runway or d'antan images, this space and mix'n match of material of different origins with a particular focus on fashion editorial and on streetstyle shots. Among the proposals of @iwannabemiucciaprada, there are also numerous and sometimes bizarre repost taken from other profiles.


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#VogueUK #photographer #TimWalker

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A cauldron of the best works of Prada that includes collections, advertising campaigns and some editorial. Within @miucciapradaarchive you can find iconic adv such as the 90s starring Joaquin Phoenix and, above all, the 1986 one made by Helmut Newton and Manuela Pavesi.




Miuccia Prada is not only the most famous Italian fashion designer, the head of a company with over three billion euros in turnover or one of the most influential women in the world. The Lady is also one of the fashion icons of the contemporary scene. If you do not believe it, just browse the posts of @whatmiuccia, the account entirely dedicated to her looks: from streetstyle shots to appearances on stage to editorials. Miuccia's outfits are the mirror of her creations, because, as the famous stylist Katie Grand once said:

“Once, she was standing in the studio in this very prim, calf-length, pleated white dress, and you could see straight through it to her electric pink underwear. I don’t know if she knew it was transparent or not, but that mixture of being sober and conservative and then something quite shocking is totally Prada and totally her. It’s an unseen sexiness that’s completely instinctive.”