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Converse ERX by Don C

Animal vs Metal

Converse ERX by Don C Animal vs Metal

The collaboration between Converse and Don C has reached the second chapter. After the launch of the first ERX stylistic reinterpretation, the couple continues to reinterpret the famous sneaker model, chosen by the Chicago designer for personal memories related to it. This is how they created 2 special packs with a total of 5 five interpretations of the '80s shoe that update its silhouette to contemporary taste.

The first, Animal, was created to celebrate the innate rivalry between predator and prey and contains two ERX 260 Mid leather in classic black and white colors, accessorized with two sets of laces that incorporate the animal pattern of the heel lining. Four pieces of apparel and a set of accessories are also part of the proposal.

The same series of products is also offered by the Metal pack which, speaking sneaker, offers, instead, three ERX 260 in contrasting color palettes. This time Don C is inspired by the era of glam metal transforming elements symbol of the style that marked the convergence between the 80s of punk rock and pop genre as the studs in details that make the ERX even more special. Any other particular? Each shoe variant is decorated with an oversized "CONS" logo printed on the tongue, a graphic with lighting bolts and multiple lacing options.

Are you more Animal or Metal? If you want to show your true nature with a little shopping, know that the collection of Converse and Don C will be available globally from 12 January on and selected retailers, with prices ranging from 35 to 110 euros.