Sneakerheads open your ears: an exclusive shoe is being created by SOTF in collaboration with D.A.T.E. Yes, you got it right, on January 9th there will come a special customized version of the FUGA running, which will be made with the iconic colors of the Store Of The Future: pink, gray and black. The unisex model with important volumes and contemporary streetwear inspiration will feature a semitransparent technical ristop, a material created ad hoc by Limonta, a colossal textile company in the production of special fabrics, which reveals the light padding of wadding; special film and nubuck inserts in the characteristic colors are applied to the upper, creating an attractive modern palette.

To complete the look there are ultralight sole in white gommalight with a black detail on the back, the names of DATE, SOTF and FUGA are printed on the upper, the number 01 is imprinted laterally, to indicate this first creation in collab which becomes a ' exclusive limited edition, available exclusively at SOTF Firenze. Right here, in via de 'Tornabuoni 17R in Florence, the birthplace of the two protagonists of collab, on January 9th from 6.00 pm there will be a special event to celebrate the new FUGA.