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adidas Originals and Alexander Wang present Season 4

Available from November 14th

 adidas Originals and Alexander Wang present Season 4 Available from November 14th

Starts a new chapter in the collaboration between adidas Originals and Alexander Wang presenting Season 4, a unisex collection in which a series of 18 garments and 5 sneakers converge, created with the aim of merging the previous seasons into an alternative vision of the past, present and future. For Wang, this means reworking the graphics and the most essential fabrics of the past seasons and merge them with iconic fragments of the adidas archive, also through a unique "photocopy" process, like a two-dimensional collage. On an aesthetic level this approach translates into "wrong" details such as naïve seaming, contrasting inserts, spliced logos. adidas Originals and Alexander Wang recontextualize, re-use ideas and materials transforming outdated pieces into a completely new collection and they do it following three elements: photocopy, disjoint and essential elements of AW. The first merges the signatures of the American designer with the iconic adidas football shirts; the second combines velor with jersey and nylon while playing with the logo and the brand of the sportswear giant, finally, the third mixes materials and sports references through retro cuts.

To make it even more special this Season 4 is the advertising campaign taken by Brianna Capozzi starring model Anna Ewers engaged in an imaginary campground on the edge of the surreal, while fishing, cooking on the fire, splitting wood or climbing a peak. Let yourself be captivated by the images and remember that the release of the new collection is set for November 14 at selected retailers, online on the adidas and AW sites and in the flagship stores of both brands.