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The Gorillaz x G-SHOCK collection is coming

Here are the new details

The Gorillaz x G-SHOCK collection is coming Here are the new details

The teaser of this special collaboration came out a month ago: the most resistant watch in the world and the most famous virtual band on the planet, aka G-SHOCK and Gorillaz, join forces to celebrate the brand's 35th anniversary and release of a new collective album. The result is a limited edition capsule collection in which each watch, complete with specific details and personalized packaging, has been reworked to respect the characteristics of the band members. For example the DW5600 "The Origin" with its new three different color variants is dedicated to 2D, Murdoc, Niccals and Noodle. This classic G-SHOCK, launched in 1986, with its look, impact resistance, water resistance up to 200 m and the scratch-resistant LCD display perfectly reflects the three virtual musicians. The Gorillaz drummer, Russel Hobbs, is instead dedicated GX56 "The King", a more resistant, solar-powered watch that, in addition to being used for a long time without changing the battery, offers features such as shock resistance and, in this case, also a mud-resist structure (anti-mud).

Gorillaz x G-SHOCK watches will arrive in stores and online in two dates:

Murdoc and 2D on November 15th 2018

while Russell and Noodle on December 15, 2018

If you are in the Carnaby Street area in London, there will be a special Gorillaz x G-SHOCK installation at the G-SHOCK store.