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The hottest fashion brands and items right now

Lyst have released their Q3 rankings

The hottest fashion brands and items right now Lyst have released their Q3 rankings

We recently reported on the Brandz top 100 list, which lists the biggest brands within all disciplines worldwide. Focusing more on fashion, Lyst releases a quarterly report every 3 months, which ranks which fashion brands are hottest at the moment and even which products. This done by gathering data from five million shoppers and analyzing what they were searching, browsing and buying online. For the first time ever the top spot this time officially goes to Off-White as the hottest ranked brand in the 3rd Quarter of 2018. Jumping an impressive 33 spots on the list compared to the same time last year. One can’t deny the incredible year Virgil Abloh has had with his appointment to artistic director for Louis Vuitton, and especially his large range of sneaker collabs with Nike and heavy exposure from Serena William’s “Queen Collection” has fed into the success of Off-White. 


  • 1. Off-White

  • 2. Gucci

  • 3. Balenciaga

  • 4. Nike

  • 5. Prada

  • 6. Versace

  • 7. Yeezy

  • 8. Vetements

  • 9. Fendi

  • 10. Valentino


In second and third spot we see Gucci and Balenciaga respectively, and while Gucci is holding strong it feels like Balenciaga and Vetements are starting to fall behind due to weaker collections and overblown hype of the brands subsiding. 

Nike takes 4th spot, which with its many strong collabs and strong sneaker releases is still the No1 shoe brand in the world. A welcome return to form is Prada’s 5th spot ranking, that with strong collections, the reintroduction of its legendary Linea Rossa line, and especially great shoe designs are moving on up. Versace is also moving upwards again with a current revamp and employment of strong youth-oriented designers like Salehe Bembury has put them on a 6th spot. In 7th we see Yeezy which is also a climb from the start of the year. Kanye's many hyped shoe designs are still pulling in hard on the search engines. In 8th sees Vetements fall form 3rd place at the start of 2018, which with its weak designs is really only understandable. Fendi stays at 9th, helped along by its great FW show and hyped Fila collab. The final spot in the top 10 goes to Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli has had a good year and helped by his recent Moncler Genius collaboration. 

When looking at which specific products have been the hottest this quarter, we see that the Dior saddle bag takes the No1 ‘“it” item spot. With Kim Jones' recent redesign for men, the ever hot saddle bag got a fresh wave of increased interest after his debut show for Dior during this years Paris fashion week. That in combination with massive influencer marketing campaigns across social media in July and countless online placements meant that in a span of only 48 hours, searches for the bag skyrocketed by a whopping 957%.


  • 1. Dior Saddle Bag

  • 2. Off-White Logo Belt

  • 3. Birkenstock Madrid Sandal

  • 4. Jonathan Simkhai Lace-Up Jeans

  • 5. Nike M2K Tekno Sneakers

  • 6. Off-White Denim Jacket

  • 7. Staud Shirley Bag

  • 8. Gucci Flashtrek Sneakers

  • 9. Ganni Dainty Georgette Wrap Skirt

  • 10. Saint Laurent LouLou Sunglasses


It is interesting to note the though two Off-White items made the top ten, neither is one of “the Ten” hyped sneaker collabs from Nike, but instead the Logo belt in third and Denim Jacket in 6th. Some may be surprised by Nike’s Tekno Sneakers taking the 5th spot as the most searched for Nike shoe, and perhaps even more that the 3rd spot is claimed by Birkenstock’s Madrid Sandal.  

Another unexpected entry is Gucci’s Flashtrek Sneakers, which is one of the wildest shoe design this year. So there you have it, the numbers do not lie, but let us know which item and brands you feel are missing from the list.