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The 5 worst items of Paris Fashion Week SS19

From Miu Miu knee-lenght stockings to the Gucci pen case

 The 5 worst items of Paris Fashion Week SS19  From Miu Miu knee-lenght stockings to the Gucci pen case

Ok. Nothing beats the absurdity of the lettuce appearing as a cult accessory by Molly Goddard during the LFW or the ugliness of the Leigh Bowery-style masquerade-style created by Moschino, but also the Paris Fashion Week has reserved some "beautiful" surprises: from Thom Browne's sea universe to the tights of Miu Miu, from the unfortunate proposal of Courreges to the strange wigs of Noir Kei Ninomiya. Here are the top 5 of the worst items of this PFW below.


#Miu Miu

When we say a hot as hell fashion show... Miuccia brings onto the catwalk a eulogy of the Project Runway style imperfection, made of leather garments, fabric drapery reminiscent of a flower corolla, crystal-covered headbands, sandals with knee-length stockings like the old ladies on the bus that will drive Baddie Winkle crazy, underwear in plain sight, hair curlers and an avalanche of diamonds, glitter and bows on the head, on clothes and even on sunglasses. And how can we not mention the Snow White style look? The must-haves of princess Disney, ugly according to Miu Miu are a red sweater, round black collar, pencil skirt in denim and, of course, a headband with cherry-colored bow.


#Noir Kei Ninomiya

Remember the Magic Trolls Babies that, in the 90s, were inside the San Carlo potato bags? Those ugly things, with hair puffed up, as if the poor toy had put his fingers in the socket. There is even a guy in America, Ray Dyson, who owns more than 1,754 ... Well, it seems that the brand Noir Kei Ninomiya is inspired by these vintage dolls for the hairstyles of his models, a detail that attracts attention and engulfs also the interesting SS19 collection with its combination of technique, organic materials, and tailoring.


#Thom Browne

Anna dello Russo is definitely one who knows fashion, bizarre deta, ls and future trends, but would you ever have thought that she would become the muse of Thom Brown? The famous designer presented a collection inspired by a submarine universe populated by fantastic creatures such as mermaids, starfish, sharks, pelicans, jellyfish, but also accessorized with bizarre fruit-themed hats that, as the Diet Prada duo notes, looks like a tribute to the Italian journalist. Who knows what Anna would think of this little tribute in a collection that has raised criticism not for her creativity, but for bringing onto the catwalk models tied and gagged, almost unable to move and talk ... provocation, lack of sensitivity or desire to underline how the figure of the woman is still today relegated to a corner by a male-dominated culture?

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Maybe there was something in the @thombrowneny show notes we didn't see, but we're finding it hard to grasp the need to show women literally bound and gagged on the runway at this particular moment in time.  In an era where women’s accusations are consistently doubted and dissected at every step, this showing reads as tone deaf.  If this was somehow a response to end the silencing of women, it missed the mark.  Between their models incapacitated by the 5 inch heels (many with their arms laced down, unable to brace a potential tumble), the near vaj-exposing finale parade at Saint Laurent, and Hedi Slimane obliterating any shred of the thoughtful sensitivity that Phoebe Philo imbued into women's fashion at @celine , Paris fashion week seems to be on shaky ground.  At least we still have Miuccia to save the day with @miumiu tomorrow.  Besides all that, how about that tribute to Anna Della Russo in her heyday of streetstyle stardom? Lol. • #thombrowne #pfw #parisfashionweek #suiting #tailoring #zegna #metoo #registertovote #callyoursenator #mask #horror #corset #lacing #bondage #heels #shoes #runway #wiwt #ootd #boundandgagged #torture #dietprada

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Sometimes under the weight of tradition one can remain crushed. This is what happened to Yolanda Zobel with the SS19 collection designed for Courreges. Definitely not in socks with applications worn as tops, cribs, ribbons instead of clothes.



Alessandro Michele has accustomed us to strange, schizophrenic Gucci collections, but this season the penitent case is a shell used above the men's tights to cover the private parts, wins the prize as a most bizarre accessory. An honorable mention also goes to the dress that reminds of a character from A Bug's life.