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The 5 worst items of the New York Fashion Week SS19

That thin thread that connects provocation and exaggeration

The 5 worst items of the New York Fashion Week SS19  That thin thread that connects provocation and exaggeration

During this New York Fashion Week we had the opportunity to observe emerging talents and giants of the fashion system who, between catwalks and presentations, presented their proposals for the next SS19. But after a show you can't always take applauses and positive reviews for granted. Not surprisingly, there are always those clothes, accessories or shoes that have raised doubts and made the most avid fashionistas sulky. The "worst" always capture the attention more than necessary. Why? Simple, because designers like to exaggerate and people like to talk.

Also we of nss magazine have decided to say our own about the last New York Fashion Week. So we present to you the 5 worst items of this SS19.


#1 Jeremy Scott

Going in chronological order, Jeremy this year decided to propose a collection inspired by the Jeremy of the 90s, when, by taking pictures to himself, he showed his extreme looks with eccentric make up and rebel rocker hair. A Mr Moschino like David Bowie decided once again to dare with strong colors and sexy looks but the concept of "daring" got out of his hands when he designed these boots. A crazy fusion between a Nike Air Mag and Moon Boot.


#2 Brock Collection

The young New York label (founded in 2014 by Laura Vassar Brock and Kristopher Brock) has shown femininity on the catwalk in its most classic form, presenting a triumph of ribbons, ivory and voilant dresses. But its participation in this article is due to the low plumed décolleté proposed during the show. Do you remember the vultures of The Jungle Book?


#3 Coach 

From Whoopi Goldberg to GoldLink, there are many stars who have decided to lend their support to the Vevers label, but what we still have to understand is if we approve or not the choice made by the designer to match the lace and Victorian style dress to Bambi, the Aristocats and Dumbo.

#4 Kota Okuda

This brand made its debut with its first collection at the Parsons MFA Show 2018 and, as one could expected, has captured everyone's attention from the moment it decided to show off models wearing only money and credit cards. Is it a social complaint? A fight against the system? Perhaps, but relying on the statement issued on the IG profile, the brand aims to "[redefine] the American currency by transforming its value into a clothing system". A catwalk you don't see everyday. 

#5 Gypsy Sport

The podium of quirks goes however (from here to a few years) to Gypsy Sport. This brand, which officially opened the doors to Lourdes Leon into the world of catwalks, after having moved its audience with a tribute to the victims of September 11th, decided once again to focus on the shock, provocation and diversity. Ripped clothes, palm-shaped hats, green dreads, provocative sheaths and that effect I see I can not see but in this case I see enough.

"I thrive in adversity and in diversity," said designer Rio Uribe.

But we still have to understand something: does the world of Gypsy Sport represent reality or its extreme variant, implicitly catastrophic and provocative?