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Francesco Santoro's brand launches the "Season 00" collection

Francesco Santoro's brand launches the "Season 00" collection
 B-USED  Francesco Santoro's brand launches the Season 00 collection

We live in an age where the clothes we wear represent what we are, or who we'd like to be. We find ourselves always looking for the perfect item to mirror our essence, whose design matches our taste and whose fit is perfect for our body. 

Starting form this idea and embracing the concept of long-lasting clothes, Francesco Santoro founded in 2017 B-Used, a brand that mixes history and streetwear, whose main aim is to create items "Made to be used." The customer's experience is fundamental for the brand, which creates a connection with him and is ready to satisfy all his requests. Seasons and needs change in the course of time, and so does B-Used. 

"B-used was born with the intention to change the concept of seasonality in contemporary fashion through items that last and evolve as the years go by. They can be constantly changed and transformed, with customizations created in collaboration with artists and designers." 

"We create men's streetwear collections that are meant to last in time thanks to the extraordinary made in Italy craftmanship quality and to the precise selection of textiles. These clothes are designed to change and transform during the years, so that it's harder to get tired of them." 

A journey of costant growth that sees this brand experimenting, creating and designing always new items in collaboration with artists and designers for limited and customized collections. 

"One of our main goals is to make streetwear sustainable." 

The first collection by B-used, Season 00, mixes Los Angeles "Street high-end fashion" inspirations with iconographic elements derived from the sub-cultures. A combination of different influences and ispirations that are reflected in the street-oriented items of the collection. 

"Sub-cultures turn from brutal aesthetic elements into a metaphor of the revolution that B-used wants to start in the streetwear scene. Sub-cultures have always been the basis of design trends."

Discover the Season 00 collection at Marcona3 Showroom in Milan and online. 

Models Alexis M. - Joao Z
Photographer Antonio Giacometti 
Executive Producer Francesco De Falco
Creative Direction Team Dreamers Studio
Stage Design Massimo Parisi - Annalia De Falco
Styling Antonella Mignogna - Annalia De Falco
Assistant Fashion Stylist Martina Righi
Grooming Fabiana Finaldi