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Skepta is back with an Air Max hybrid

Air Max BW x Air Max 97 x Skepta

Skepta is back with an Air Max hybrid Air Max BW x Air Max 97 x Skepta

An hybrid between an Air Max BW and an Air Max 97 is the second silhouette realized by Skepta in collaboration with Nike, the Air Max 97/BW SK.

After the Air Max 97 realized to celebrate his origins, the grime artist now choose to realize a new hybrid between two iconic Maxes. The shoe features an all white Air Max BW upper with its wide mesh portions and an all white Air Max 97 sole. What it’s easy to notice is the two different colors of the lateral upper swoosh and of the bubbles interior, blue on the left shoes and red on the right one. This new creation is inspired by the connection culture and by the artist relation with Paris, one of the first cities where he found his success, and as a link between Paris and London, the artist select this blue-red-white color combination. Another interesting inspiration for the Air Max 97/BW SK is the shoe itself: the Air Max BW. Cult shoe for the Parisian's street football culture and the related growing Hip Hop culture, where people call it le Classique for the name on the box tag, Air max Classic BW.

The shoes will be released on May 14th only in Paris due a SNEAKERS STASH where who will be able to find the secrets locks hidden around the city will have the possibility with his/her SNEAKRS app to open them and buy the shoes. Don't be worried if you will not be in Paris that day because the shoe will be released worldwide on May 19 in selected store worlwide and on the SNEAKRS app.