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5 things you need to know about the hot brand Needles

Tyga and A$AP Rocky love to wear their collections

5 things you need to know about the hot brand Needles  Tyga and A$AP Rocky love to wear their collections


Save this name, because the Japanese label founded by Keizo Shimizu is the brand to watch out for right now.

Back in the limelight, thanks to celebrities like Tyga and A$AP Rocky who love to wear their clothes, Needles uniquely combines American and Japanese styles and cultural influences.

Here's everything that makes it special and that you need to know about the hottest brand of the moment.


#1 All starts with Miles Davis


Keizo Shimizu launched the line in 1997 with a unique piece: a simple and tight jacket inspired by the one worn by a young Miles Davis in the '60s.

Over time the collections have expanded, enriched with new garments born of different styles and cultural influences American and Japanese.

The constant feature? A perfect balance between traditional pieces and avant-garde trends.


#2 It's an eclectic mix of American and Japanese influences

Needles' aesthetic is a mix of films, actors, musicians, artists, American Ivy League, hippy psychedelic, western workwear, vintage military, Old West, athleisure, street chic and traditional Japanese culture, grunge mood.


#3 Needles Sportswear & Rebuild by Needles

Shimizu has split his company into two sub-labels, each specializing in a different market niche.

Needles Sportswear, as the name suggests, is focused on the creation of retro-style suits, characterized by the embroidery of a small butterfly.

Rebuild by Needles, on the other hand, deconstructs vintage clothes until they are cut into pieces that are then stitched together to create brand new garments. The proposals are a kind of synthesis between avant-garde design and DIY culture.


#4 A little butterfly


The butterfly embroidered on the items of Needles Sportswear was inspired by Steve McQueen's tattoo on the chest in the movie Papillon.


#5 A$AP Rocky loves it

Although the company was founded some twenty years ago, it has returned to prominence in recent months, worn by celebrities and influencers such as Tyga and A$AP Rocky.

The New York rapper shows off Shimizu's garments both in his free time and on stage, and he is so enamored with having chosen to make his creative company AWGE collaborate with Needles.

Together they have created a collection of overalls in pastel colors combine comfort and style.