We know well that in fashion world the over is an hot contemporary trend. This is confirmed by the extra puffy-jackets or by the continuous Balenciaga's catwalks that, season after season, come back staging ever-larger and more overlapping items, without fear of going against the principles of aesthetics and, "to underline less the female forms".

All this no longer matters, fashion is becoming an art and the extreme is its hot "brush stoke".

It is not a coincidence that Hirvoki Nakamura of visvim has created the most over denim jacket of all times, a garment capable of fusing within it 3 of the must that make fashion victims crazy: denim, the over and the stellar price. $ 6,000 is the money to spend to earn this piece that can be defined a collectible item. This "giant" size has already creates numerous memes on socials that see protagonists, obviously, our favorite stars.

From Kim to Jaden Smith, here are the funniest ones:


#1 Jaden Smith

#2 A$AP Rocky

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#3 Luka Sabbat

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#4 Kim Kardashian


#5 Luka Snowbbat

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#6 Sarah Snyder

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