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What went down at the Emmy Awards 2017

This year's best moments and best dressed

What went down at the Emmy Awards 2017  This year's best moments and best dressed

Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, a few hours ago ended the Emmy Awards 2017 evening.

This 69th edition, defined by the American Vanity Fair as "a striking middle finger to the patriarchy", was marked by anti-Trump’s commitment and success to strong female roles and minorities.

In fact, there are rumors about the absence of Game Of Thrones from the list of nominees, among the beautiful evening dresses, between speeches against the president and his increasingly racist and masculine political choices, sparked two series that revolve around violence against women.

The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies, who have won the most number of series awards, but above all, respectively, as the best drama series and best miniseries, putting all other competitors, including Westworld with its 22 nominations.

Here are the best moments of the Emmy Awards in 2017. 

#1 Stephen Colbert’s opening monologue



It’s up to Stephen Colbert, host of CBS Late Show, hold the reins of the 69th edition of the Emmy Awards.

As in the best Hollywood tradition, the evening begins with a musical piece in which the man, accompanied by Anthony Anderson of Black-ish, Allison Janney of Mom and, surprisingly, by Chance the Rapper, explains that “everything is better on television"Singing, Colbert arrives on stage surrounded by a group of Handmaid’s tale styled dancers and greets the audience:

"Tonight we binge ourselves, can you feel it? This room is crackling with the collective energy of people who for the last 48 … If you do win, don’t forget to thank everyone who helped you get up here, mainly “Game of Thrones” for not being eligible this year (the TV series was not among the candidates because the seventh season was aired out of the times considered by the Academy)".

The monologue continued with jokes about Billie Bobby Brown ("She’s amazing in that show, proving once and for all that there are roles in Hollywood for women over 12"); rumored death of Milo Ventimiglia’s character in This Is Us; about Oprah Winfrey; HBO hacking and, above all, Donald Trump. Ironically, the host brought on stage was Sean Spicer, former White House spokesman during the tycoon presidency, and assumed that if Trump had won a prize for his Celebrity Apprentice show, he would never become US president.

"Why didn’t you give him an Emmy?" - Colbert sayd - "If he had won an Emmy, I bet he wouldn’t have run for president".


#2 Black Power

Three of the main awards went to black performers: Sterling K. Brown, best actor in a drama series for This Is Us; Riz Amhed, Outstanding Acting In A Limited Series for The Night of and Donald Glover, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Atlanta.
Glover thanked Trump "for making Black people number one on the most oppressed list. He’s the reason I’m probably up here"

Finally Lena Waith, author of episode “Thanskgiving” of Master of None, in which she tells her coming-out, is the first African American woman to be nominated and to win Best Comedy Writing.


#3 Big Little Lies


 Along with The Handmaid’s Tale, the other big winner of the evening is Big Little Lies.

The HBO production with an excellent cast led by top referenced stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz, brings home a mention for the most elegant actresses and, above all, six statuettes.

By accepting the Emmy Nicole Kidman, after kissing both husbands, the on-screen one (Alexander Skarsgard) and the real one (Keith Urban), stressed how her role, that of a wife victim of abuse, is important to make public passage of important messages such as the struggle against domestic violence:

"We shone a light on domestic abuse. It is a complicated, insidious disease, and it exists far more than we allow ourselves to know. It is filled with shame and secrecy, and by you acknowledging me with this award, it shines a light on it even moreSo thank you, thank you, thank you".


#4 Best dressed


As for the night of the Oscars, even the red carpet at the Emmys it is full of stars elegant and beautiful and sparkling clothes. 

Nicole Kidman is the queen of the evening, winning the awards as Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie and, according to many, Best Dressed. The star of Big Little Lies chooses a Calvin Klein dress by Appointment featuring jewelry by Harry Winston.

Also worth mentioning is the sleek white Moschino by Jeremy Scott worn by Evan Rachel Wood, the delightful Millie Bobby Brown at Calvin Klein by Appointment.