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Brands of tomorrow: Places+Faces

From a Tumblr blog to fashion

Brands of tomorrow: Places+Faces From a Tumblr blog to fashion

Places+Faces is a striking example of how a brand can achieve success thanks to the deep relation it has been able to build with its fans.

We all know the story of Places+Faces: born as a photographic project on Tumblr, founded by the London duo Imran Ciersay and Solomon Boyede – better known as Ciesay and Soulz – in 2011, in a short time it has become a landmark in the worldwide underground music scene, conquering the flattery of the people of streetwear. The idea was as simple as winning: to realize photo reportages, or better, real visual diaries of the best music events around the world, immortalizing internationally renowned artists and future stars of the rap/hip hop scene.

Those analogous shots, and the vintage charm they have are still able to recreate the atmosphere of urban nightlife, not only by photographing the key characters of the underground music scene but by transmitting the energy and the spirit that move those events. Looking at the Places+Faces's shots you will feel to be there in the backstage of some exclusive show or on stage alongside your favorite rappers.


There was once a blog on Tumblr

From a photo blog to successful brand the step has been short. 2013 was decisive for Places+Faces, the year when Ciersay and Boyede, after a trip to Tokyo, realized they had a strong fan base and that their project could reach unexpected notoriety. It was not planned or reach, but in the end, the success came. And like any idol that comes to international fame, Places+Faces has also decided to launch its line of merchandising – as they explained during an exclusive interview with nss mag:

"Nothing for us was never really planned. We want to document things as they are and with any format that can help to make clearer the true nature of the events in which we participate"


The first collection

Launched in a limited edition, the merch was original to fund Ciesay and Soulz's travels, but in short time the hoodies printed with exclusive images shot by the duo became a real streetwear fetish. So, the first Places+Faces SS17 collection was born, featuring a series of basic garments, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps and windbreakers, "marked" with the brand logo and the icon symbol "+". The debut was presented with an eye-catching lookbook – taken by Ciesay and Soulz, of course – mixing harmoniously fashion and nightlife, streetwear and music, making us forget that this is a line of clothing.

"When we presented the hoodie people are crazy, so we decided to do the merch limited edition that would help to finance our trips"


The Places+Faces's success

But what is the secret of Places+Faces's success? Without taking away from the collection, that is a great line of merchandise that has been able to combine the spirit of the project with the streetwear aesthetics with every typical key element, the Ciesay and Soulz's brand has won the peak of success thanks to its fan base. Or, better, the relationship they have established with their fans.

As I said at the beginning, Places+Faces does not just photograph but tells a lifestyle with all of its protagonists and faces that animate it, giving life to a visual community to follow and live. Therefore, the brand's success stems from the close relationship that Places+Faces has managed to build with the underground music scene and the members who populate it – and follow it – by strengthening their image and becoming a sort of "authority" in the scene. The official Instagram profile, with its 144,000 followers who passionately follow the hundreds of images taken by the duo – Skepta, The Weeknd and Travis Scott are just few names of the artists photographed – is a proof of its success.

Un post condiviso da PLACES+FACES (@placesplusfaces) in data:

Without underestimating the fundamental role of the hype around the project and the involvement of some influential names, Places+Faces has quickly become a cult name for the underground and streetwear scene that everyone wants to support. Here is the success of merchandising, which allows all fans of the duo to feel part of the coolest project of the moment.

But this is just the beginning. With an almost sold-out merch line and a published magazine, Places+Faces has all the right elements to become the next "the hottest brand of the moment". You should keep an eye on the brand because there might be more surprises for the future.



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