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Ideas from Massimo Osti the Stone Island's founder

Modern streetwear's father history

Ideas from Massimo Osti the Stone Island's founder Modern streetwear's father history

Ideas from Massimo Osti is the gigantic new updated edition of the monograph dedicated to the greatest revolutionary of Italian fashion. The first volume published in 2012 went sold out in no time, becoming a must item for all fans of the sector. Universally recognized as the inventor of modern sportswear, Massimo Osti has proved to be able to refuse any framework, to break the rules and project himself into the future by creating brands - like C.P. Company and Stone Island -  still more current than ever.

The volume, edited by his wife Daniela Facchinato, collects in fourhoundred pages more than 500 images among photographs of clothing and accessories, unpublished sketches, notes, tests and fabric samples of a great designer who rejected the liturgy of the traditional fashion, giving men the urban luxury sportswear. A series of interviews, memories and anecdotes of employees and icons of the fashion world close to him - like Sir Paul Smith and Franca Sozzani-  take the reader in the discovery of his tireless talent highlighting the qualities of visionary artist and visionary communicator, able to innovate at many different levels: the true Italian pioneer. 

“For Massimo Osti a reflection on everyday clothing meant reflecting on very simple things: that fashions fade but good taste and comfort remain. That the most beautiful things are also the most essential, and that this essentiality is also the most difficult thing to design […] Fashion has never been the same since him and we all wear clothing that contains something of which he had already thought”  - Franca Sozzani

Example of a work ethic that ran straight toward the future, his death in June 2005 left the Italian fashion market looking for a representative able to match its innovative look. The new content made specifically for this second edition in 2017 also include two new introductions by the designer Errolson Hugh and the father of American cyberpunk science fiction writer William Gibson, always been fascinated by the work of Osti.

Ideas from Massimo Osti by Daniela Facchinato is already available, here