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The 5 most violent videos in recent years

The 5 most violent videos in recent years

The beginning of the story is well known: in 1982 a young Michael Jackson frightened the world with his music video "Thriller", five exciting minutes full of zombies, lycanthropes and creaking doors.

At the time, the combination of music-horror genre was still completely unexplored but clearly winning. Since that glorious day, in fact, the music-biz approached more and more everything that disturbs the daily life of every viewer - or at least, the ones who spent their afternoon watching MTV.

If in the origin the ultimate shock was caused by a series of living deads, the natural evolution of events has led to the advent of a new generation of disturbing contents 2.0, in line with more contemporary themes.

In the era of violence, nudity, ​​too-explicit language and splatter scenes, here are the five music videos that, in our opinion, better honour the phenomenon.

(Send your kids to bed).



1# Yogi & Skrillex ft. Pusha T, Moody Good, TrollPhace - BURIAL 

2# Rihanna - BBHMM


4# Aphex Twin – COME TO DADDY

5# The Game ft. Lil Wayne, Tyler, the Creator - MARTIANS VS. GOBLINS